Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Weekly Update – Episode 5

Scary Rika

Rika gets scary if you don’t watch Haganai…

After the hilarity of the Black Dragon last week (I think I watched that scene 20 times. “Come, Black Dragon! Lead me to the ends of time….Please don’t lead me!!!”), this week was a little more subdued with activities in the club room. And as the trend of this season has gone so far, the overt attacks on each other by the members of the Rinjin-bu have really been toned down, and in this episode they were almost gone completely.

Yukimura grin


But instead, the uncomfortable times are mostly visited on Yozora this week. The feeling really comes through that she feels like she’s losing control of the club, and of her relationship with Kodaka, which she’s obviously trying to grow into closer feelings. After her speech of regret last week about Yukimura on finding out that she’s a girl, this week she puts Yukimura into a butler outfit rather than a maid outfit, only to have Sena and Rika point out that cute girls in butler outfits are still cute girls, even referencing Mayo Chiki (a show I, no lie, started watching 4 days ago, and am really liking), and leading Yozora to feel like she blew it again. I do think that her main reason for wanting to keep Yukimura out of Kodaka’s mind as a girl is just to reduce her competition, but really, Yozora’s got no competition from Yukimura.

Yozora realizes she's ending up alone

Yozora reaches the bad end.

In another instance of Yozora losing control, she is induced to play an otome game, the girls version of the first galge that Sena played (disastrously) in the first series. Exhibit one for the change in attitude in the club: Sena tries to pull the same pranks that Yozora did before, putting in a joke name, but Rika comes to Yozora’s defense, or at least convinces Sena that this was a bad idea through implied threats. But playing as “Mikazuki Yozora” lends a poignancy to the game that perhaps would have been better left alone, as Yozora ends up playing the game the way she thinks she lives: always improving herself, never concentrating on making friends. And in the end, she gets the Bad End of the game, a successful record but a lonely three years of school. Yozora’s tears as the ‘delinquent’ character walked away from her because he’d ruin her reputation seem to have made her worry about her future with Kodaka. She talks with confidence after the game, that if living the way she wants to leads to no friends, then that’s just what it’ll be, but it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t want that.

Rika's new invention

Rika’s new “Time Machine” invention

And the final part of the show is yet another instance of Yozora losing the control she once held over the Rinjin-bu. After Kodaka unwittingly gives Rika a hard time for only making ‘practical’ inventions, once without imagination or romance, she decides to play a prank on him with a ‘time machine’. Putting it on Kodaka, and telling him to think of a time he wants to visit, she activates it and he finds himself back in the playground, the day before “Taka’s” promised meetup with “Sora” where they were going to share their secrets. Knowing that Yozora wouldn’t show up, Kodaka tells young Yozora everything, that he’s leaving, that he’ll be her friend the whole time (while in reality he forgot her) and that he’ll see her in 10 years. And although it turns into a scary thing, he wakes up after the 5 minutes Rika promised are up, and relays that he actually did go back in time. But that gets some weird looks from everyone else, and while Yozora looks really embarrassed, Sena finally asks:

Sena wants to know why Yozora was in his dream from the past

“Hey, Kodaka. If you were dreaming about 10 years ago, why was Yozora in it?”

Just a little suggestive, ya think

Rika wants to do some flag pole setting…

Kodaka continues his tone deafness. Like I said last week, Kodaka is the only one who doesn’t seem to get that they’re friends. Even if Sena is a little over the top, she is actually dealing with being corrected pretty well. And Rika is really trying to be friends with everyone, and seemingly trying hard to get Kodaka to notice she’s a cute girl. Changing hairstyles (she’s had a new hairstyle every scene for the last 4 episodes) and even colors, she’s extremely disappointed that Kodaka doesn’t notice and comment on it, even pointing out that her ‘route’ is really short, and if he could set her flags, she’d definitely set HIS flag… But Kodaka still doesn’t really get it. Poor Rika.

But because she’s so awesome, here’s her reaction to the Megane guy showing up!


What’s going to be the aftermath of the revelation that Kodaka and Yozora knew each other before? Will one or both of them lose credibility? Could there even be some sort of “punishment game” that they both have to go through? This is definitely news that Sena doesn’t want to hear, and it may turn out to really backfire on Yozora that they kept it secret.

Screenshots, including a Yukimura Butler Full Length!

Yukimura Butler Full Length

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