Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 5

Manabe thinks it's hilarious


Kotoura-san changed the formula a little bit this week. Instead of a single sequence of really bad stuff happening like we’ve gotten used to, this episode was more of a comedic setup throughout, with just a few digs in here and there to keep it from being completely happy. Mortani's friends think she's grossMoritani is, for whatever reason, trying to be a lot more friendly with Haruka, who is also trying to be more friendly to everyone around her, including things like saying “good morning” to the whole class when she comes in. But this doesn’t make Moritani particularly well liked, as her friends have noticed the sudden change in her attitude towards Haruka, and are kind of creeped out by it. I am wondering how much permanent damage to her former friendships Moritani is doing by changing her allegiances so quickly. Unlike Moritani herself, her friends don’t know about Haruka’s restraint and what she did. Do her friends even know that she set a bunch of thugs on Manabe? That would be something that could be really problematic, I’d think.


Since Haruka’s got a new apartment and lives by herself, Yuriko decides that the new member welcome party for Moritani (and also the late one for Haruka and Manabe) will be at Haruka’s house! So they all invite themselves over to watch creepy psychic movies and have dinner. Moritani has really become the butt monkey of the group, taking the title from Manabe. She can’t cook, she misses the jokes, and to be honest, even like this she’s not the most sympathetic of characters. Manabe still really hasn’t forgiven her, he just tolerates her it seems. It remains to be seen whether he’ll come any closer to being her friend, but right now she’s really the outsider, but seems intent to keep trying.


Haruka’s trying to walk a fine line between Manabe and Moritani. She doesn’t want to be overtly mean to Moritani, because she knows how much she regretted what she did. But she also can’t help but laugh when Manabe makes fun of Moritani’s karate, and the hilarious “MORI!” pose. But what’s making her happy is that Manabe really seems to like her, and later in the show says that if he has to find his girlfriend in the Scavenger Race, he’ll come and get Haruka. She’s pretty over the moon at hearing this, and when Manabe indeed runs toward her, she’s all ready to get up and go with him, but is confused and hurt he picks Moritani instead… until she finds out it was to fulfill the task of finding a “bug”.

The class cheers her on

Go Kotoura!

Of course, Haruka has to be in the sports day as well, and got waylaid into the Relay Race. She’s had a little training from the rest of the club members, after “admitting” that she’s a klutz, which they already knew. And in the race, she starts off pretty slow, but Manabe cheers her on, and encourages the whole class to cheer her on. Haruka, her spirits lifted by this display of support, tries to do her best… and gives it an epic faceplant. Oh well. She’s always got her MiniMori picture to cheer her up when she gets home.

Cheesy movie time!

Nothing I’d really call bad, except for Muroto’s tastes in movies.

Moritani's 'cooking'

Moritani’s cooking, and even Moritani herself. She really is not being set up as a sympathetic character, or even one that’s particularly good. It’s like she’s trying, but the show’s not going to forget her origin in the story. I think that eventually it will need to get more sympathetic, because while she can stay the butt of most of the jokes, eventually this will start to seem overdone and cruel.


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