OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 6

My (fake) girlfriend’s little sister can’t be such a bitch!

Maybe it’s just been a long week for me, but I didn’t quite enjoy this episode of OreShura as much as I did the previous ones. Let’s get on to the bad, why don’t we?

As you can probably guess from the post excerpt, I’m not a very big fan of Mana. I had previously complained about Masuzu’s personality, but Mana really takes the cake. The two are clearly similar in the fact that they enjoy manipulating and humiliating others. However, Masuzu doesn’t take things nearly as far as Mana does. The former only blackmails Eita because she wants other guys to be left alone, while the latter bullies and ridicules poor Himeka just because she can. Now, that’s not to say that Masuzu’s blackmailing of Eita is any more acceptable, but at least she has her reasons (as ludicrous as that sounds). True, she also enjoys teasing and manipulating Chiwa, but none of the things she has done have been malicious in the slightest. You really get the feeling that Masuzu is just playing around because she knows that if she takes things too far, she will be abandoned and left all alone. Which, gets into her whole facade of being anti-love. But that’s a whole different story.

Mana, on the other hand, doesn’t have any reasons more significant than “to feel accomplished” behind her actions. What she did to Himeka was completely uncalled for. And in fact, it’s even worse when you realize she only did it to spite Masuzu. To think that Himeka was humiliated in front of Eita just because she wanted to join the club Masuzu started made me rage quite a bit. I even found myself hoping that Eita would teach Mana a much-needed lesson. If there’s any girl who really needs a good fist to the face from Touma of Index, it would be her. But alas, Eita falls short again. I’m a little worried that his inability to actually do something to help a damsel in distress might become a recurring theme, but in hindsight, this might just be setting up for the day that he actually succeeds in such an endeavor. And of course, it’s true that his words did help in both cases, but you have to admit it’s not quite as satisfying as watching a guy sock an offender in the face to protect a girl, as cliche as it is.

In any case, what I’m curious to know now is why Mana seems to harbor this disdain for her sister. Yet, she gave in and obeyed when Masuzu pulled the “older sibling” card (I was surprised it even worked). Their family circumstances are finally elaborated upon this episode. Apparently their father chased Masuzu’s mother away for some reason. I specifically say “Masuzu’s mother” because I have a hunch that Masuzu and Mana might only be half-sisters. I don’t have any particularly concrete proof to support this conjecture, but the way Mana referred to Masuzu’s mother1 wasn’t quite the way that one would refer to one’s own (biological) parent. Even so, none of this really explains why Mana acts like a bitch towards Masuzu and her friends. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps their father always favored Masuzu, which lead Mana to become jealous. And then the falling-out with the Masuzu’s mother caused her to leave, so he turned to Mana to bring her home, which only rubbed salt on Mana’s “wounds”. But at this point, I’m just grasping at straws so I’ll refrain from any further speculation.

The Screenshots

1She says “ano onna”, which more literally translates to “that woman”. I would imagine this isn’t a particularly respectful way to refer to one’s own mother.

One thought on “OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 6

  1. OreShura seems like they are kind of making up the backstory as they go along. This stuff about living in Sweden, but obviously having a Japanese father, but then she comes back to Japan, but is Masuzu’s mother Japanese cause she’s got that white hair, and Mana’s got blond hair – and is from Sweden – so you pretty much know that her mother’s not Japanese… It just seems like they threw a lot of story points in the blender to see what they could come up with, and none of it is really gelling.

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