Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 18

Jin and Misaki get honest

The crew goes all out for Jin and Misaki

Hi everyone, Highway filling in for Sumairii this week, as he’s really busy. But because Sakurasou is so great, I didn’t want to let this episode go without a post, so here it is!

After the admissions tests from last time, we’ve moved forward to the announcements. After cleaning up the storyline of Sorata’s work with Fujisawa to polish up his game design (which I still think was the absolute best outcome for Sorata in his game design, because he got networking and tutelage with a industry pro), the episode does a good job to use the occasion of Yuuko’s test results to get everyone in a new location for things to happen. While at the school to check on the results for her, Hau-hau and Seitokaichou tell Sorata that Jin is at the school now telling his homeroom teacher that he got into the university in Osaka. This puts everyone into action to get Misaki a last chance to talk to Jin, who has himself been trying to give her some piece of jewelry for months now (since Christmas when he chickened out), but he’s been avoiding her, and truth be told, has been avoided by Misaki.

Misaki realizes they're dating

Fuuka, Jin, Misaki, and her Talent

The flashbacks were used well to really fill out the relationship between Jin and Misaki, and Fuuka as well. The special nature of Misaki was really brought out, in that she gives what seems to be 100% for everything, and even if it’s not really 100%, it’s far more than anyone else around her could ever do. I’m guessing that she and Jin were in their first year of HS when Sui High was suggested to her, and Jin decided to follow her. One of the themes of the show has been people always looking up at those with great talent, like Misaki and Mashiro, and feeling like they can’t catch up. And Misaki has realized, just like Sorata realized about Mashiro, that there haven’t been people they can see behind them… until she came to Sakurasou. Not only did she find friends that should couldn’t find before, ones that “would pick a fight for her”, she found people who were her equal, who fanned that flame inside her and sent it burning into a conflagration of creation. And Jin wants to live up to that, so he promises that in 4 years, after college, he’ll be good enough at scriptwriting for her to request one of his scripts for its quality, not just use them out of her love for him. And to seal it, he finally gives her the ring, a promise that he’ll come back, which may have been what she wanted most, a promise to her.

Plan B

Plan B returns!

Another good thing this episode was the return of Sakurasou’s favorite Brick Joke. When asked why she needs to know if Yuuko got into Suimei, Mashiro says it’s because her plans might change… to Plan C! And the reuse of the joke is even lampshaded by Sorata asking if it’s old, and Mashiro responding “Plan B, then?” That might be the most overt proposition Mashiro’s made to Sorata to start dating, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

Further good is that they finally fixed the ED animation! Since the change from Days of Dash, I’ve really liked the song Prime number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~ but found that the animation was a bit cheap feeling, and, even worse, the head bobbing wasn’t even in time to the music! Well, they didn’t change the animation, but they did sync it up with the music! That made it a ton better.

And the return of Fuuka meant the return of one of my favorite seiyuu – Hayami Saori, who I thought did a really good job conveying the pain Fuuka felt both for Jin and from Jin. A nice role for her to play, I thought.

In seeing these flashbacks to Jin and Misaki’s lives growing up, I really felt for Fuuka, who more than anyone felt what it was like to be in the shadow of her younger sister. Even the thing she thought she actually got that her sister didn’t, Jin’s love, turned out to just be Jin’s attention for the moment, and as soon as Misaki was going away, he went with her, with hardly a look back at Fuuka. I do hope that with Misaki farther away, Fuuka has gotten a chance to be herself, and be compared to herself, not just Misaki.

Yuuko's world falls down

And poor Yuuko didn’t pass the test to get into Suimei High. Her disappointment was pretty strong, especially after she’d planned herself a congratulations party with a homemade cracker.

The bad news

Serious Chihiro-sensei

The ugly is dropped in the epilogue, as everyone (including Jin) gets back to Sakurasou after climactic scene at the school. Chihiro-sensei meets them at the door and announces that Sakurasou’s going to be demolished. I’m sure we’ll find out if that means just the old building and the ‘idea’ of Sakurasou will be kept in a new place, or whether it means that the ‘special’ nature of a house for ‘problem children’ is done away with. There’s probably going to be a bit of tension about that, and I’d even bet we see Fujisawa and any other famous graduates from Sakurasou come back to put their two cents in.

Screenshots for this week!

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  1. Many thanks to Highway for covering for me. I’ve been busier than usual this week, so I apologize for the lack of content on my part recently. In any case, it should be a breath of fresh air to read someone else’s ramblings on Sakurasou for a change. =P

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