Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 6

Yozora caught trying the maid outfit on

What are you looking at?!?!?!

Meido contest! Well, not really a contest, but everyone takes a try at trying on Yukimura’s now abandoned maid outfit. Did you prefer Rika’s TSUNdere maid?  Or Sena’s straight-out-of-a-maid-cafe moe-moe-kyun maid? Or maybe your favorite was Yozora’s “I can’t believe Kodaka walked in on me trying out a meido uniform” embarrassed maid. Yeah, that was my favorite, too.

Yozora admits to knowing Kodaka

Pulling her hair in nervousness.

The show disposed of last week’s cliffhanger pretty quickly, as Yozora stood right up and said “Yep, we’re childhood friends.”  She was almost daring the others to make a big deal out of it, but nobody does. And she’s right, it’s not a big deal, but it does allow Yozora to push the almost taboo word of “Friends” into her relationship with Kodaka. And everyone reflects on the fact that Yozora’s now claimed Kodaka as a friend.

Plans ruined by everyone else

Yozora tries to save her date with Kodaka.

The first half of the show really was a big thaw for Yozora. After admitting that she and Kodaka were osananajimi,  the topic was the upcoming cultural festival, and with only minor putdowns for Sena, who had thought she stole the show at last year’s festival only to find out from Rika that it was for all the wrong reasons – bouncing boobs and flashing pantsu – Yozora tried to reject the idea that the Rinjinbu do anything as a club, saying that the Cultural Festival is put on by popular people to be enjoyed by popular people. However, immediately after saying that, she tried to ask Kodaka out to the Cultural Festival. But Sena rallies Kodaka to the idea of doing something as a club, and everyone else joins in, leaving Yozora to turn into a typical harem girl: “Nandemonai! Kodaka no BAKA!” And although she didn’t participate in the maid contest, rejecting it after Rika and Sena’s polar opposite performances, she did get the idea, after everyone left, to try the maid costume on herself, leading to the aforementioned reveal where she didn’t even get mad at Kodaka, just embarrassed (how much of Yozora was hoping that Kodaka would stay and compliment her?)

Yozora's glee at fleecing stupid people

Someone’s a little too excited at the idea.

The second half was more of a serious attempt at what to do as a club for the festival, and the topic of fortune-telling comes up. This time we get to see Yozora perform, because although she of course doesn’t believe in fortune telling (having studied it in middle school, objectively and obsessively). But she’s all ready to fleece the people who do believe in it by telling them random things and having them believe it, and proves it on Sena. I don’t really know if Yozora took it too far, because Sena believes it, hook, line, and sinker. But a lot of what Sena was believing was that Yozora really knew about her.

They all can't believe it

Sena falls for it.

And there was definitely stuff in what Yozora was saying that was stuff that a friend would know, woven in with the random fortune telling stuff. And that’s what gets to Sena, who gets really happy that Yozora knows so much about her. And from happy, she gets really upset that Yozora was fooling her after Kodaka lets her in on the joke. But again, we see how Yozora has changed this season, where rather than mocking Sena for believing her and laughing at Sena’s unhappiness, Yozora gets visibly uncomfortable at Sena’s disappointment, and it certainly seems to me that there’s some regret for taking advantage of her (again). When Sena’s unhappiness vanishes at the reappearance of Kobato, Yozora definitely looks relieved to be off the hook. Of course, poor Kobato is now in Sena’s sights…

Sena's upset that Yozora might have made stuff up, and Yozora feels bad for pranking her

Yozora definitely looks like she regrets getting Sena upset.

They’re still trying to figure out the boundaries of being friends. Yozora in particular seems to be really trying to be a better friend not just to Kodaka, but also with Sena. I really think she wants to have someone to be able to tweak, and likes the challenge, but is still fighting against her old tendency to go too far. But where she used to go too far with relish, and revel in Sena’s unhappiness, now Yozora feels bad after the fact when Sena gets upset with her. I think this is the next step in her growth as a person, and hopefully she’ll learn how to stop before she crosses that line that she now is at least regretting she crossed.

Rika punishes Kodaka

Rika gets a bit of revenge.

Boy, Rika laid it on thick as a maid, didn’t she? That was pretty brutal, but I think some of it was revenge for the way Kodaka doesn’t react to her as girlfriend material: he won’t peek at herwhile she’s changing, and his reaction is “Rika’s wearing a maid outfit”. In fact, the only time she’s gotten a rise out of him was when she changed her hair and got rid of her glasses earlier this season. The glasses haven’t come back at all, and she kept the same hairstyle through this whole show, a first for her in a long while.

Whoops, I forgot screenshots!

2 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 6

    • Well, I’d say it’s the beginning of their realization of it, where both Sena and Yozora realize that the opinions and good feelings of the other really matter to them. And while Sena has always been fairly desperate for Yozora’s approval and attention, Yozora is finally getting to that point where she really cares about Sena. They’ll never be the kind of best friends that giggle and agree with each other, but they could be something more than that, a lot like I felt Kirino and Kuroneko are.

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