Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 6

Haruka clings to him

Haruka gets closer to Manabe

Summer vacation is here! And because Haruka’s finally got some friends, she finally gets to bring some friends home for vacation. The story’s been to her grandfather’s house a couple times before, but this time is the first time everyone’s been invited as friends. And grandpa goes all out, to such a degree that it’s pretty embarrassing to Haruka (who wouldn’t be embarrassed at a theme park about them?) . But despite granddad’s attempts to show off, Haruka and the rest of the crew enjoy a pretty standard anime summer vacation: train trip, beach time, sparklers and snakes.

Everyone can read Haruka's mind now

Manabe and Muroto can read Haruka’s mind

One of the main themes throughout the episode was Haruka’s self-consciousness about her breast size. But even as a mind reader, she doesn’t get the fact that Manabe doesn’t really care what hers look like. In his head, they’re much bigger. But all she can see is the way he reacts to other girls, and gets upset that she doesn’t measure up. And the show’s pretty merciless as well, putting Moritani and Mifune in bikinis (with Mifune sporting quite the underboob) and even making the whole ED¬†about Haruka’s flat chest. Maybe someday she’ll lose her complex about it, but I think the show’s not going to drop it anytime soon.

Moritani's fitting place

Moritani in the cage

Another main theme continues to be that Moritani is still not completely forgiven. Grandpa even ratchets it up a notch, having obviously looked into her and her misdeeds. And while he seems willing to give her a chance, she’s definitely still the butt monkey, with her character in the parade reduced to locked in a flaming cage, and a bit of grilling in the limo ride back to the house. She’s pretty much a probationary friend at this point, and she’s enduring it with some upset, but I think she also realizes it’s justified from their perspective, and while she doesn’t like it, she puts up with it. And Haruka does show some compassion, noting that with the train seats and 5 people, someone’s going to be left apart, so she goes to sit with Moritani (even after Moritani had accused her of cheating on the school exams by using her power to read minds… as if reading Moritani’s mind would do anything but cause her to fail just like Moritani did) .

Kumiko's return

This could be pretty bad

Because it’s Kotoura-san, there’s going to be some challenging segments of the show. Besides Haruka’s pettanko complex, she’s also visited by a bad dream, remembering her mother abandoning her with that hateful line “I should never have given birth to you.” And there’s a room in the house that she’s trying to steel herself to go in, which I’m guessing is her parents room. She gets distracted by Manabe before she can go in, tho, and he does his best to cheer her up and redirect her sadness. And at the end of the episode, we get more bad news foreshadowing, as her mother is shown looking down on Haruka and her friends enjoying their fireworks, standing with Oshou the priest. I wonder who brought who there between that pair. Oshou certainly seems to have Haruka’s best interests at heart, but he was also trying to keep Kumiko from leaving before.

Manabe is as scary as the monsters

Manabe is the scariest monster

Grandpa does pull an ugly trick on them, using their status as the ESP society to drop them off at what seems to be an abandoned hospital that he says they did research on people with ESP at. Frightening the bejeezus out of everyone, they have to navigate through it, finding ‘ghosts’ and ‘monsters’. And maybe worst of all, Manabe, who’s jealous of Haruka holding on to Moritani and not him.


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