Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Weekly Update – Episode 7

Trouble looming ahead.

I’ve said it before, but Maoyuu progresses surprisingly quickly. In just seven episodes, two years have passed. And Maou’s plans to bring an end to the conflict seem to be nearing completion. Major conflict between the humans and demons has ceased, and Gateway City has even become a symbol of unity. I was actually surprised that a place where humans and demons could get along could come into existence so quickly. True, it’s not perfect and there is still some distrust between the two races, but they’ve certainly come a long way from killing each other without hesitation. It’s a precarious peacetime, but it’s still peace nonetheless. And when you think about it, perhaps it hasn’t come about too surprisingly early. After all, the chronology of Maoyuu is deceptively compressed. The many time skips that have taken place are only marked by narration (comments by the characters themselves), and there’s little else to indicate such jumps. So it’s very easy to lose sight of the time-frame of events. When you consider the fact that it’s actually been two years since the very start of it all, the peace that Maou worked so hard to bring about doesn’t sound too improbable.

Speaking of Maou, it seems like she will forever be introducing new technologies and innovations that no one else is aware of. She really is ahead of her time. Granted, they try to explain it as everyone else being that ignorant, but that’s really a pathetic attempt. I find the older sister maid’s comment that people just aren’t even aware that their lives could be better to be just silly. Can we really believe that people have lived their lives this way for so long without ever asking the simple question “there has to be a better way”? Such a fundamental question can literally be the root of new ideas. Take something you do every day. It’s got its challenges and you struggle with it every time, yet you have to do it to get by (or because you want to). Would you really just take it for granted and keep repeating it without question? No, I think the natural response in such a situation would be to wonder why it’s difficult, and then ask yourself if there’s a way to make the process easier. It doesn’t take a genius to ask these questions, and coming up with a solution isn’t all that much more difficult either. This isn’t rocket science we’re talking about here, it’s something as simple as windmills and pumps. That’s not to belittle the significant challenges of coming up with such “technologies”, but the way people are presented to not even wonder if things can be better in Maoyuu is really ridiculous.

But let’s move on from that. With major conflict between the humans and demons temporarily over, Maoyuu takes the time to focus on the main characters. Yuusha had been very busy going from place to place, dealing with both sides in the background. Now, he finally gets to spend his time at home in the company of Maou and Knight. The “bathing” scene after Knight and Yuusha’s spar simultaneously functioned as delicious fanservice and as a look into the closeness between the two. Despite Yuusha getting flustered when Knight started stripping down (an unsurprising reaction), the scene gave off the feeling that the two were getting along really well. I should also add that Knight’s ensuing comment about deciding who’s the wife and who’s the mistress was absolutely priceless. But unfortunately for her, it’s fairly obvious that Yuusha doesn’t see her as anything more than an old friend and companion. I guess she’s got the unfortunate case of “osananajimi blues”.1 Not to mention, Yuusha has kind of already sworn his whole being as Maou’s property. Technically speaking, Maou already owns Yuusha. In any case, Maou and Knight sneaking into Yuusha’s room at night (with Head Maid’s help) was another hilarious and sweet development. Despite being rivals, the camaraderie between the two (even going so far as to ignore poor Yuusha in the middle) was very heartwarming. As Maou herself says, Knight is the only human that she considers a friend. And I think this friendship is very important to Maou as she shoulders the heavy responsibilities she’s taken upon herself.

With Maou temporarily absent and two discontent humans plotting something devious, things might take a turn for the worse. I have a sinking feeling that the older sister maid might not be able to deal with the situation as Maou’s stand-in, so it’s possible that a good amount of Maou’s hard work might come undone while she’s gone. I’m also worried that Maou’s “renewal” of her title might not go as smoothly as she hopes. With the humans gaining ground on the demons, she might face some opposition back in the land of demons. In the worse case scenario, some warmongers might attempt to usurp the title of demon lord. Certainly, things have the potential to go sour very quickly and stay that way, but I’m hoping that Maou and the crew will be able to pull through.

The Screenshots

1Think rules of anime. If the first girl always wins, then the osananajimi always loses. What happens if the first girl is the osananajimi, you ask? Moreover, what happens when the osananajimi does win (take KoiChoco for instance)? Well, that’s why we have useful caveats like “except when she doesn’t.”

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