OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 7

Not sure if like.

I hate to say it, but this episode of OreShura also didn’t impress me very much. Let’s get straight to the bad.

So the final member of the harem, Ai, was introduced last episode. She plays the role of the stereotypical straight-laced and uptight character who is also secretly in love with the harem lead. In fact, she’s supposedly been in love with Eita since they were kids. And it is the second point that bothers me a little. Highway commented last time that it feels like OreShura is just pulling stuff out of its ass. I’ll admit I didn’t feel as bothered about it during the confrontation between Masuzu and Mana. We hadn’t known too much about their family, and seeing as Masuzu’s family circumstances were hinted to be important, a little bit of information on the topic was nice. Suddenly introducing another girl who’s apparently also a childhood friend of Eita’s, though, really is going beyond what I myself am willing to tolerate. Despite her appearing sort of in the background for several episodes now, Ai really came out of nowhere. I mean, it would be fine if she were just introduced as a stickler for rules who clashes with Masuzu’s club, but giving her a history with Eita that’s never even been mentioned before is bad writing in my eyes. I’m willing to pass off Masuzu’s family drama as plot development, but Ai’s supposed history with Eita should be established background information, not something you introduce halfway into the show. It makes you want to ask “How many more secret childhood friends does Eita have? Are they just going to start coming out of the woodwork? And what else have we not been told?”

It could just be that the fundamental problem is I’m expecting too much of OreShura. There are shows you can take seriously, and some where you just have to let things slide to enjoy. I guess the fact that OreShura is a harem anime should have tipped me off, but I thought I could expect more from the show. And so far it hasn’t delivered. Remember when I thought that Eita was actually a savvy harem lead who was aware of the feelings of the girls around him? Turns out he’s as dense as the next generic idiot. I swear, these guys would sink in water even without cement shoes. But now let’s stop for a moment and take off our srsbsns glasses. If we consider OreShura as yet another generic harem show, things don’t look all too bad. Even OniAi does something similar, for instance. Alisa is only abruptly introduced halfway into the show as Akito’s “other imouto”, as well as his supposed fiancee. And if you take a look at my final review of that show, you’ll see that I thought it was “great”. So I guess OreShura isn’t too badly off either? Well, the problem is the subjectivity of a review. When I say a show like OniAi is “great”, I mean it’s great for a harem/fanservice show. You get all the boobs you could ask for. All you have to do is not worry about the lackluster (or even nonexistent) plot. In fact, I’m pretty sure I specifically mention this in my OniAi review. The problem is, I didn’t want OreShura to be one of those shows. Too bad it’s starting to look that way.

Well ok, maybe I’m just being a little too harsh and too quick to judge now. I still want to say that OreShura has more going for it than a show like OniAi. Masuzu is a rather complex character for a typical harem show, and none of the girls have made an obvious attempt to get into Eita’s pants yet. Oh wait, we might have to scratch that second point. Hime has just snuck into bed naked with Eita in the nurse’s office; all hope is lost. Ok I jest, but at this point OreShura’s standing in my mind as being more than a generic harem anime is in jeopardy.

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3 thoughts on “OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 7

  1. The big surprise to me was how forward Hime was with Eita. “I’m gonna hop into bed IN SCHOOL with Eita NAKED!”

    Other than that, tho, the show just doesn’t have it. Ai-chan is too bland to be interesting. I find Kaoru far more interesting, in that he’s really trying to help Ai out, and she’s freakin’ blowing it. I mean, Kaoru is almost confessing FOR her, and she’s still blustering on about *her* fake boyfriend. The tsundere act from her really isn’t working, because the dere just isn’t there.

    • Yeah, Ai-chan is just painful to watch. Her “out of character” moments are also kind of annoying to be honest. It’s so deliberately done to contrast with the “proper” appearance she gives off as a hall monitor.

      • Yeah, it’s a bad combination. I mean, in TLR, you can kind of give Yui some slack, because honestly, Rito’s always got his face buried in some girl’s chest or crotch. But Eita’s just a guy, and what’s wrong with the fuukiin having a boyfriend?

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