Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 7

Rika melts down at the compliment

Rika’s excited for another episode of Haganai!

Throwing a party

Happy Birthday Kobato-chan! And Kobato’s birthday dominates the activity of this episode, as first all the girls want to get her a present, and then we have two parties for her.

Everyone's there, and nobody's happy

Nobody’s really happy about this arrangement.

Kodaka once again steps in it as all of the girls contact him separately to ask him to “help” them pick out a gift for Kobato (and Cutiemura must have spent about 20 minutes on that email).  Not figuring it out, Kodaka invites them all (without telling each other) to meet him at the same time, and is surprised when they’re all really non-plussed at his idea of economy. Emperor J wrote an interesting discussion of Kodaka’s ‘problem’ with dealing with the girls, and I think it’s good to understand that Kodaka still doesn’t see the girls as friends, even as they get closer together as friends both with Kodaka and each other. I think it’s pretty evident that Rika and Yukimura will probably give up on the idea of dating Kodaka soon, as Rika even mentions she’s gotta learn when to give up.

An opaque conversation

Kodaka and Sena end up having an extended time together (although it’s reduced by Kodaka buying cookware) as Yozora, Rika, and Yukimura go off to get different clothes (seriously, they didn’t think they were fooling anyone, did they? Well, again, maybe Kodaka). Having a nice serious conversation together, Kodaka wonders how a boring guy like him is going to get friends, much less a girlfriend. For once, Sena acts pretty cool about this, and tells Kodaka something for him to remember: Anyone she likes isn’t boring. Now it still remains to be seen whether he can put two and two together and come up with what she really means.

Yozora melts down from embarrassment

Yozora goes for the ‘boyish look’

The fashion parts of this episode worked pretty well, with the sole exception of Yozora finally getting overwhelmed by both the crowd and the idea of looking sexy and cute in front of Kodaka. Her penchant for ‘boyish’ clothes, a character trait even back 10 years ago, gets her into trouble as she finally learns that Kodaka thinks her outfits really are sexy and cute (and this explains something I really didn’t get before: Why was Yozora wearing hot pants to go to the theme park? Answer: Because she didn’t realize she was). Rika ends up taking whatever she can get as a compliment from Kodaka, even after he’s basically said that she’s pretty much his type as far as looks go. And Sena admits that her fashion sense and makeup is entirely done by Stella. As a look strategy, Yozora’s has worked, even though she didn’t actually think it was or even wanted it to.

So in the great clothes change, Yozora passes her clothes down to Yukimura (hopefully she didn’t think this would actually look boyish on her… again) and decides to just wear a tracksuit, while Rika gets a cute dress, which I thought made her look a bit younger, not really the kind of look to catch Kodaka’s eye with. And of course, he backhandedly compliments her. She seriously can’t catch a break. But having expended all their energy on changing clothes, everyone wants to just head home. Of course, having their date plans ruined by Kodaka doesn’t help.

Sena goes creepy again

Sena can’t help being creepy, it seems

Kobato’s birthday party goes over pretty well, after Kobato warms up to the idea (and Sena’s lolicon creepiness). But conspicuously absent from the festivities is Maria… until they get home to find Kate peeping on their house, and Maria inside waiting for them. So having a second party over dinner (eating Sena’s birthday gift of steak), Maria gives Kobato her present – a matching key to hers. Nothing so far has as boldly declared how much Maria likes being friends with Kobato, even if they are always poking at each other. Kate even mentions how significant a gift it is, since Kate got a plastic encased cicada shell in a locket. And then we get probably the most outright ecchi moment in the series so far, as Kodaka manages to walk in on a naked Kate (as Kobato runs screaming from the bath in a bubble bikini), takes a moment to process what he’s seeing, and then backs out pretty quickly. He’s got enough cred that she doesn’t hold it against him (maybe if he had said she had a great body, she’d hold it against him?…*ba-dum-tsh!*) and forgives him as soon as he apologizes. But it puts the kibosh on their spending the night, leading to the big cliffhanger tease of the show where Kate mentions that she wouldn’t mind Kodaka really being their big brother… or maybe something else… but ah well, he’s got Sena.

I’m really starting to think that the only way Kodaka’s going to ‘get’ it is if someone sits him down and just tells him straight out “Look. Me, her, her, and her, we’re ALL your friends.” Basically, he’s not going to get it unless someone spells it out for him. Heck, Yozora has already said out loud that they are friends, and he still thinks he doesn’t have any.

Yozora couldn't handle it

A question that arises for me is “Why is Kodaka so uninterested in the girls?” He says he’d like a girlfriend, but unlike any other guy in his position, he never tries to make time with any of the girls in the club. Instead he friendzones himself, even as they try to make romantic inroads with him. But I don’t even get any inkling that he even thinks about them that way, and that’s just WEIRD! I mean, we’re used to anime harem leads who are oblivious to the obvious romantic attentions and intentions of the girls in their harem, but usually that’s because they’ve got their focus on someone else – the unattainable girl, the life goal, the girl with the mutual attraction but both are too embarrassed, etc – and actually are trying to get a girl. But Kodaka isn’t even thinking about it.

Rika melts down at the compliment

Even his compliments seem amazingly calculated and low key.

The closest he’s come is some embarrassment when he thinks that Yozora is cute, or when he thinks out loud about how much he likes Rika’s looks, even though there’s nothing there when she actually comes on to him, and he pushes her away. What guy isn’t thinking about his chances with the girls around him, or thinking even about the possibilities? I mean, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if rumors started that he just wasn’t into girls at all. Sure, there’s chivalrous and respectable, but sheesh, he might as well be a eunuch!

Kate's birthday present from Maria

A cicada locket? Really? I guess it could be worse.

Screenshots! (with bonus NSFW link at the bottom)

She’s a nun, folks!


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