Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Weekly Update – Episode 8

Sena the creeper

Sena wants to lick you all over for reading this post!

Well, from the semi-cliffhanger last week about what Kate mentioned about Sena, the show just abandoned that for this episode, instead focusing back on the whole Rinjin-bu as they go back to preparing for the Cultural Festival. After dumping the ideas of an exhibit (booooring) and a standup comedy routine (that everyone but Kodaka was against), they decide to copy Kobato’s class and make a movie. To my surprise, everyone actually liked Yozora’s first draft script, but didn’t like her casting, obviously biased towards a Yozora x Kodaka relationship. So in the casting reshuffle the roles get switched, and Yozora commits to rewriting the script. But nobody likes the rewritten script, as Yozora has again tried to rig the new roles to her benefit. After a blowup between Yozora and Sena, because Yozora is unwilling to look anywhere but the past she shares with Kodaka, there are some harsh words exchanged, and Yozora runs away. Confronting Kodaka afterwards, she wonders if he would rather have 10 years ago or now. Challenging her with the same question, he wonders why she’s so willing to not live now, to which she doesn’t have a reply.

Yozora blisses out


Yozora gets some cheap cuddles in

I think Yozora has been so hung up on her shared past with Kodaka, and the abrupt method that they were separated, that she’s never really been able to accept their current relationship, even though at a much deeper level she realizes how different it is. It’s certain to me that when Sora was hiding from Taka, too embarrassed to appear in front of him in a dress, that she wasn’t really going to ask him to date her. Not at 6-7 years old. But his disappearance then has had a much more lasting effect. Even though she doesn’t state it explicitly, she does say that having others that you are close to go away unexpectedly hurts, and she’s never wanting to get close to anyone again. She may have been talking about Night the cat, but she MEANT Taka. So she holds people at arms length, holds them off with her attitude and cleverness, never lets people in, and only wants superficial relationships, like the passing cuddles at the cat cafe. No long term expectations, no broken hearts because you don’t get close to anyone.

Yozora slightly misjudged the love story


Definitely a mistake with the movie selection, tho.

But it’s also obvious that she wants more than that with Kodaka now. She may be telling herself that it’s trying to recapture their friendship from 10 years ago, but even as mortified as she was at the french romance movie they saw, she is still interested in a “c’est si bon” with Kodaka, and wonders if he’s interested. But this conversation was nowhere near the level of frankness that Kodaka’s with Sena was last week, because Yozora just can’t sustain that sort of honesty about herself or others at this point. I hope she can come to that point, because I really like her as a character (and she’s also my favorite for a lasting romance with Kodaka), but she is holding herself back.

The blow-up

As usual, it’s really Kodaka in the middle of their fight.

I don’t know how I feel about the blowup between Sena and Yozora. Sena’s statement after Yozora storms out, that she hates Yozora with her entire being, yet never wished she didn’t exist, is one that I find hard to reconcile with Sena’s behavior. I realize that in the lifeline of these characters, very little time has passed since the beginning of the first series and their changing attitudes towards each other have been changing even less time than that. So my feeling is that Sena is still telling herself that she hates Yozora, for pranking her, bullying her, and for trying to take Kodaka completely away from Sena. But she more and more is getting close to Yozora and Yozora to her. The next day, after Sena reads the revised script and praises it, Sena seems really happy to praise it, and Yozora is really happy to hear it. If Sena truly hated Yozora as much as her words mean, I think it would be very difficult for her to praise anything that Yozora does.

Let’s see how ugly this movie gets. I always think it’s unrealistic when anime groups decide to make a movie. It’s not that easy (although I’ll admit that it’s a LOT easier now than it was when I tried it growing up on VHS tape). I realize that they take TV liberties with them, and don’t have the normal realistic problems, so the shooting isn’t the problem that the characters are, but I find it a bit grating that the movie shoots always go so smoothly.


2 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Weekly Update – Episode 8

  1. I actually really liked the blowup between Sena and Yozora. Most of it because Sena finally put her foot down and fought back. 😛

    I don’t know how I feel about the blowup between Sena and Yozora. Sena’s statement after Yozora storms out, that she hates Yozora with her entire being, yet never wished she didn’t exist, is one that I find hard to reconcile with Sena’s behavior.

    I agree in that Sena is only pretending to hate Yozura, but it is that second sentence I find more interesting.

    Even though it is going against what she just said, to me, it sounds like Sena admitting that she doesn’t really hate Yozura that much and I also got the impression that Sena was really, really hurt by Yozura’s statement.

    It was a nice reaction. 😛

    Great post. their movie creation will probably be super smooth, but I doubt the movie itself will be anything but comic hijinks and bad acting.

    • I agree, Sena was truly hurt by that epithet, even though I don’t know if Yozora even really meant it. Humans definitely have a bad trait of exaggerating, especially when hurt. And Sena’s words definitely hurt Yozora, who has been clinging desperately to her osananajimi status with Kodaka as what she feels is either her ‘in’ or her trump. But what Sena, and then even Kodaka, says to her is more important. 10 years ago doesn’t matter now. Especially not if you would like Kodaka to be your boyfriend, or even your true friend. Even that relationship 10 years ago was built on an untruth.

      I’d even say that Yozora would be better off taking what she’s learned in the past few months with all of the Rinjin-bu and using that as a stepping stone to a true relationship with Kodaka.

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