OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 9

The Love Master strikes again.

OreShura continues the Ai-chan arc. Following the Masuzu’s movie theater plot, this week’s episode starts out with Eita coming across Ai-chan’s very own notebook of fantasies. It’s not quite the same as Burning Fighting Fighter, but the amount of dere overflowing from the prose is nothing to joke about. In fact, I’m tempted to compare it to Momoka’s diary in Mawaru Penguindrum, but ultimately not even Ai-chan’s fantasies come close to Momoka’s meticulous records of her life with her significant other. In any case, Ai-chan’s secret is (luckily?) not revealed just yet, as Eita demonstrates yet again how much of a generic dense harem lead he is. As this is the good section, however, I’ll save continue this train of thought in the bad.

Do all harem leads have terrible memory or something? No wait, don’t answer that question. We already know they do. I won’t pretend that I remember every single thing that happened in my life, but surely one would remember something like a girl making you promise to marry her. That’s something that should stand out in your memory, even if you didn’t fully understand the meaning of the words at the time. To be fair, I did get the impression from the flashback that Eita actually saw Ai-chan as a bit of a bother at times and merely went along with her to placate her endless nagging. And it’s also true that kids don’t always think too deeply about their actions and words. But even so, I don’t think what amounts to a marriage proposal should be so easily completely forgotten. Even I remember more “mundane” things such as the names of my old friends and the things we did together, as fuzzy as my memories of those moments are now. Admittedly, I might not recognize some of those friends if I were to come across them nowadays since I’ve been apart from them for over a decade, but I’d at least be aware of their names and the time we spent together.¬†Again, to be fair Eita did eventually remember the time he spent with Ai-chan when they were little. But it took a considerable amount of prodding on her part (with some help from the scenery) before he started recollecting those memories. The point is, the whole forgotten childhood friend trope is just silly and overused.

Moving on, I’m actually a little surprised that there’s been so much focus on Ai-chan. Granted, this is her arc, but it feels like she’s had way more screen time than Himeka already. I do see a lot of people praising her as the best girl, and if this were truly the case I’d be more understanding of her hogging the spotlight. But honestly, I don’t see what’s so special about her. As previously mentioned, she just plays the generic forgotten childhood friend whom the male lead promised to marry. By all rights, even Himeka should be more interesting than her. It seems to me that most of the people proclaiming Ai-chan to be the best girl are fascinated by the gap between her prim hall monitor appearance and her reactive inner nature (which leaks out when she can’t contain her excitement). And sure enough, that at least gives her character some depth, but that’s really there is to her. She is quite literally a one-trick pony. While her outbursts may be amusing the first few times, she just gets annoying after a while. Maybe my tolerance is just too low or I’m somehow unconsciously biased against her, but I’ve already more than crossed that threshold. OreShura just doesn’t need to spend this much time on such an unremarkable character. How about we return to an actually interesting character like Masuzu?

Remarkably, the episode does in fact finish with some emphasis on Masuzu. As much as Ai-chan has been hogging all the attention, Masuzu has been making regular appearances herself in the recent episodes. It would seem that her personality has continued to improve steadily, and the only devious thing she’s done lately is attempt to blackmail Ai-chan. I’m not sure if this should count against her anyway, since it was really more in reaction to Ai-chan’s own provocations. In any case, Masuzu has been softening up a lot to Eita recently. I don’t think any of us could have pictured her telling Eita to kiss her during the earlier episodes of the show. At least, not in such a serious manner. And not to mention a 30 minute kiss, at that. Regardless of how much she might have planned the whole thing from the beginning, it’s undeniable that the distance between the two has decreased significantly as of late. And this is good, because at this point she’s the only thing keeping the show interesting to me. Here’s hoping the spotlight shifts back to her.

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2 thoughts on “OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 9

  1. Perhaps you just have a particularly good memory, I certainly can’t remember the children I hung out with in kindergarten.

  2. Ai was getting better throughout the first half of the show… and then took the express to Crazytown. A kindergarten crayon marriage registration? Really, she’s trying to use THAT to trap Eita into marrying her? And not as a joke, she’s serious as a hall monitor. That’s just waaaaay over the top. She jumped way past Hime for ‘craziest girl’ right there. It’s remarkable that the show has been able to make Chiwa and Masuzu, who were so crazy and out there in the first few episodes, into the sane and reasonable ones.

    At this point, I’m with you on more Masuzu. I like the deredere Masuzu a lot, and think it’s when she’s at her best. Trolling Masuzu is second best, because I view it as her actually trying to be dere with someone who isn’t that interested in it. But it’s pretty obvious the whole ‘anti-love’ stance that she pretended to have was a sham now, to everyone except Eita.

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