Shin Sekai Yori Weekly Update – Episode 22

Saki's final present from her parentsSaki’s final gift from her parents could be the thing that saves them all.

And so the road movie part of the show begins. But it’s nowhere near that fun and cheerful. Compelled by information from Saki’s mother, left before she and Saki’s father returned to the village to try to help more people, the final gambit of the show has begun. In the catastrophic information that is held in the library, there is knowledge of an old biological weapon that was considered the last weapon of mass destruction against the PK users. However, as we find out more about its true nature, the “PsychoBuster” is clearly much less of a weapon against PK and more of an indiscriminate weapon, a weapon that is considered to be a scorched earth last resort, using Anthrax and other deadly bacteria to kill, with the big development being that it “only” leaves the area dangerous for a couple years afterward.

The biggest threat

It’s considered an anti-PK weapon because it’s far more difficult to be changed when infected (unlike, for instance, the drugs that we saw Shun able to metabolize safely and even subconsciously). The hope is because the use of the weapon doesn’t feel like murder that it can be used by someone with attack inhibition, and then won’t activate death feedback. But given the time frame of action of the biological agents involved, not only is the question that Saki asks – “How do we get the fiend to inhale it?” – the obvious one on its face, but it also is likely a suicide mission if it involves an overt attack.

Descending into the cavesTraveling underground to Tokyo

The place to find this weapon? Tokyo. Of course. And who’s going to take them there? Kiroumaru, who after rescuing Inui has been rewarded with being chained in a cell at the Temple of Purity. Freed by Saki and Satoru, he demands to be the one to lead them on their trip, helpful because he’s already been to Tokyo before. And his knowledge comes in handy throughout, as well as his senses and intuition. None of them are dead yet, but you know, with this show, that it’s just a matter of time.

Satoru is attacked by a leech-slugThe first of many dangerous creatures.

And as if the trip itself isn’t enough danger, their pursuers pose a greater threat. Yakomaru has decided to take matters into his own hands, and has pursued Saki, Satoru, Inui, and Kiroumaru to Tokyo, bringing along his human weapon and a small force. Does Yakomaru have the same knowledge of Tokyo? You’d think they’d be in the same level of danger, but of course, the show couldn’t really go that route of having Yakomaru’s force, and PK user, wiped out by the various dangers that could easily kill Saki and Satoru. It would certainly be a twist, but I think the audience would probably dislike it (not that anyone’s buying this series anyway, it’s a big sales disappointment).

Powering up the Minoshiro

And how are they finding this Psychobuster in Tokyo? They now have an ally. Apparently the library held a false minoshiro, baby-sized, just convenient to carry in a backpack. While it’s cute, it’s almost too clever a plot device, and is treading awfully close to deus ex machina. Although this factor might be ramped up even farther. What have we seen in the past of the show that will temporarily disable PK’s? The false minoshiro that the children encountered earlier. Saki was able to not be affected because of the glasses she was wearing. But it was able to hypnotize / immobilize the other children. Perhaps this is the answer to Saki’s question: How do we get the “fiend” to inhale the weapon?

And speaking of the “fiend”, just as Saki was willing to extend personhood to the bakenezumi through exploration of what they really are, she’s also exploring what the child of Maria and Mamoru is. Is it really a fiend? Or is it just someone without the same controls that all the humans in villages have?

The Tokyo DesertJust a desert so far.

I’m sure we’ll see more dangers of Tokyo, although I’m surprised so far that we’ve seen almost nothing of any remnants of civilization. We’ve seen a desert where Tokyo is, which I really didn’t care for, because it’s they haven’t claimed that the climate has really changed, so it would be awfully tough to have desertification at that location. It seemed like a plot device to get them into the caves. Oh well.

Saki endures the hardshipsAn annoyingly ‘girly’ moment.

Walking through ankle high bat guano. Saki has a real problem with bats, apparently. I don’t know if they gave her this character trait because she’s mostly unflappable the rest of the time, or because she’s a girl and “ewwwww!” Either way, it still felt like “ewwwwww!” stereotyping.


One thought on “Shin Sekai Yori Weekly Update – Episode 22

  1. In Saki’s defense, there’s no way in hell I’m walking across a literal cesspool of batshit infested with gigantic maggots.

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