Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 9

Meeting the detectivesEveryone walks to school together when they’re going to run into the police.

Haruka does recover from her episode of being shocked unconscious by the thoughts of an assault from a random person she walks by. But all is not better, as the assault was another one in a string of high school girl assaults. The attacks haven’t killed anyone, but have put girls in the hospital. And the police don’t really have any leads.

Haruka worries about being identifiedWorried that the bad guy knows who she is.

Haruka doesn’t really have a lead either, just that she walked by someone and doesn’t know what they looked like or what their name was. But that doesn’t stop her classmates from getting the wrong idea, after Moritani is talking about it in class. Moritani continues to be a confounding presence in the show (see in The Bad), and in this case, it again leads to the entire school talking about Haruka. No problem! Yuriko’s got a plan to make everyone forget the rumors… actually catch the criminal using Haruka’s power! She backs off really quickly, but we can see that her scheme is really to end up with getting Haruka to do exactly that, pushing and pulling back, pressing and easing off, until Haruka’s doing what she said. Is this manipulation really ‘bad’? Will it end up getting Haruka hurt? Or could it even hurt the relationship between senpai and kouhai?

He can't help himselfAsking him to stay overnight broke his resolve.

Meanwhile, Manabe continues to be Manabe. When Haruka gets scared after parting ways with him for the night, he stays with her for dinner, trying his best to suppress his ecchi thoughts, and not really succeeding when Haruka asks him to stay the night, and that she trusts him. And well she should trust him, because even though he’s got the thoughts, he’s really not going to do anything that she doesn’t want to, because he cares too much about her. And even Haruka is getting to the point where she wants something to happen, because when she thinks Manabe has come back to her house, she decides that whatever happens happens and opens the door. She’s right that they haven’t confessed formally, but sometimes you don’t need to, you just realize that the other person is the person for you. And Manabe’s repeatedly vowed to never leave Haruka. I don’t know how much more an actual confession would mean. She knows how much he cares for her, and what lengths he goes to for her. There are definitely much worse things than being intimate with a boy who cares so much about you.

Moritani lectures HarukaShe also lectures Haruka.

But once again, Manabe is cockblocked by Moritani, who decides she’s going to be Haruka’s Jiminy Cricket or something. She even shames Haruka into saying that she (Moritani) is right about Manabe. I don’t know how much is Moritani being the public morals monitor, and how much is her just not wanting to see Haruka seal the deal with Manabe, but at some point she’ll have to step aside if they continue to be a couple.

Kumiko yells at HarukaNot the best of meetings so far.

The other big development this episode is the awaited meeting between Haruka and and her mother. With the whole gang at a fancy restaurant, courtesy of Zenzou, they happen to be at the same place that Kumiko shows up, to Zenzou’s consternation. And while her initial reaction is fright, Haruka is buoyed and steadied, figuratively and literally, by her friends, giving her the chance to tell her mother that she does have friends around her now. And while Kumiko wonders when they’ll all leave her, too, Manabe pledges to never leave her, eliciting a dismissal from Kumiko: “Do what you want.” Using this opening, Manabe claims to have her mother’s permission to court her, and asks if she wants to spend the night together for real in the hotel. But his perviness gets him a punch in the stomach from Kumiko, but was it calculated? Because Haruka feels some genuine concern from her mother, that she might still care about her.

Full Length Support for Haruka

Moritani has a habit of showing up in The Bad. I think she’s a lot like the gorilla of the show. She has a very crude manner: Not that she’s rude, but that she’s unrefined, doesn’t know when to shut up, doesn’t know when she’s crossing the line. She sincerely wants to help people, but her lack of touch leaves her causing harm just as often as helping. And while she doesn’t spread the rumors this time, it’s her overzealous protection of Haruka that causes the rumors to start. Plus, Haruka could really use some experience at dealing with people, so Moritani stepping in and shielding her robs her of that experience. Compared to Yuriko, who has an extremely well-honed touch, applying pressure when needed and a light touch when necessary, Moritani’s the figurative bull in the china shop. And when we see in the epilogue that she’s at the scene of the next assault, with blood on her hands, and sitting over the body of the classmate who started the rumors, it doesn’t look good at all. I think we’re all sure that Moritani’s not actually the assailant, but it doesn’t look good.

Moritani causes more troubleMoritani can’t seem to help but screw stuff up.


Giving Yama-san a hard timeCould she be the culprit?

The assaults are the ugly. And while my initial thoughts were that the loopy junior detective with the big boobs and small brain was the culprit, seeing that a person with similar hair color and outfit walked by Haruka right when she had the vision of the assault. But in looking back at that scene, the hairstyle looks a bit different in the person walking away. It could end up being that detective, but I’m not so sure now.

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