Shin Sekai Yori Weekly Update – Episode 23

She finally remembers ShunSaki finally remembers her first love.

As always, there’s a question about whether there’s anything ‘good’ in Shin Sekai Yori. So much of the show is destruction and despair that even the things that seem like victories are minor. And things that seem like good fortune can turn around quickly.

Inui and Saki head back for the subInui and Saki continue alone.

The search in Tokyo continues, but Kiroumaru warns that the enemy has broken up into multiple groups, and even has a force on the surface. This is a big change from the 7 individuals he reported before, or at least I took it that way. And when a dead end underground river blocks their way, Kiroumaru recommends that they split up into two groups as well. He and Satoru work on leading Yakomaru away, while Inui and Saki return for the sub to bring up the underground river.

Inui doesn't trust KiroumaruInui expresses his concerns about Kiroumaru.

Even though they agreed, Inui is more and more convinced that they are being betrayed by Kiroumaru. He doesn’t tell them of the dangers that he knew about on the shore in the daylight, he doesn’t say why he’s been to Tokyo before. Some people speculate that he’s working with Yakomaru, but I just don’t see it. Why cooperate with Saki, Satoru, and Inui at all in that case? I think he’s got his own plan, and he’d like nothing more than to crush Yakomaru, a figure who has been his nemesis for years. But what could that plan be?

Another attackA final attack

When Saki and Inui finally retrieve the sub and get to the rendezvous point, Satoru and Kiroumaru aren’t there, but Inui urges that they go on and complete the mission to retrieve the PsychoBuster. And they get close with the sub, but on the last leg, Inui sacrifices himself to kill a threat to Saki. Finally alone, nearly shattered by the experience, Saki gets to the weapon, which actually surprises me by just being a stylized vial. But then, it’s a bacteriological weapon. And now she must escape, even though there’s no immediate sign of danger (and she left the sub in the underground river, too). Now what will she do with it?

He's not a fiendThe revelation.

The other major development is the breaking down of barriers in Saki’s mind, the ones that have prevented her from remembering who Shun was. Things keep reminding her of him: the reflected glowworms looking like the starry night he showed her on their trip, the idea of Cantus Leakage causing the mutations in Tokyo. And finally, she breaks through the wall, and the mask disappears from his face, and she remembers his name. It’s hard to tell what the vision of him that she sees is. Is it a portion of his consciousness that was imbedded in her in his dying moments? Could his subconscious have desired a sort of immortality that it would act on her body that way? Or is she just remembering him as an avatar for thoughts she has on her own? Thoughts that she dares not voice, but knows deep down: Maria must die; She is strong; and the new revelation: the boy is not a fiend.

Saki has known this inside her. He has the one trait of a fiend: the ability to kill other humans. But he isn’t psychopathic or sociopathic. He is from a different society, and has been raised by the bakenezumi. What will Saki do with this knowledge? Can she ‘save’ the boy, her last link to a true love? Would that endanger humanity (well, any more than it is now).

One of the more benign monstersAnother danger.

It really does look like Kiroumaru is not being completely on the up and up with the humans of Kamisu. What has he done with Satoru? And what is his actual plan? It seems odd to think that he would be trying to get rid of his compatriots so early, before they’ve gotten rid of Yakomaru. And if he wanted to get rid of them, there were plenty of dangers that he could have let kill them. He could have run away from the shadow mites without telling them, letting them get devoured, for instance. Instead, he’s going along with them. So what is his goal?

Will the show fall further into despair? Do Saki and Satoru really have a chance of saving humanity? There are some who think this version of humanity shouldn’t be saved, but I find that unrealistic. All forms of life strive to continue, in the best way they can figure out. Could Saki convert Maria’s child to more human traits? Would that be good?


2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori Weekly Update – Episode 23

  1. I really want that “akki” to be saved, be raised by Saki and Satoru and have a happy-ever-after. Well, that’s just my wishful thinking.

    Anyway, I also wonder what Kiroumaru is thinking. Is he planning of using the cantus users to win against Yakomaru and the “akki” then betray them at the end? Hmmm…

    Shun looks a little bit older in Saki’s memory/hallucinations/whatever. If he really is just embedded in Saki’s heart, I wonder why he knew almost everything outside Saki’s range. Like “Maria must die”, “the akki is really not an akki” and etc.

    Oh ho. Sorry for the long comment 😀

  2. I don’t mind long comments at all! Have you *seen* my posts? I’m happier that people read through them! 🙂

    I don’t think those things are things that Saki didn’t know. I think the manifestation of Shun has been the device that tells Saki the things she needs to hear, the things she truly knows in her heart, but cannot let herself think. Like with Maria: Saki knew the dangers of having a PK outside of the control of a village, and how that was such a dangerous thing that it would elicit a huge response from all surrounding villages. So she knew that she was doing the wrong thing by helping Maria and Mamoru escape. Yet she did it anyway.

    Same thing with the boy: She knows he’s not really a fiend, just like she understands that the bakenezumi are not ‘things’ or slaves, they’re ‘people’. So I think the ‘Shun’ that she envisions is the mirror held up to her soul, exposing the thoughts she was unable to let surface.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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