OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 10

Swimsuit episode.

This week’s OreShura sees the revelation of Ai-chan and Eita’s previous acquaintance to the club. The obvious parallel here is to compare Chiwa to Yozora of Haganai. Both are “established” childhood friends of the lead who have their position overthrown by another girl who apparently met him first. But technically speaking, I guess Masuzu would be a better fit. Chiwa seems to get over not being the “first girl” rather easily when Eita reassures her that she’s the one he’s spent the most time with. I’m not sure the same can be said for Yozora and Kodaka, hence Yozora’s continued depression. But this isn’t a Haganai post, so I’ll refrain from infringing upon Highway’s content. In any case, Masuzu has no memories with Eita whatsoever, leaving her feeling rather insecure about her status as his “girlfriend”.

The question of whether she truly loves Eita has been rather obviously answered for a while now, but I think it’s also noteworthy that Masuzu is attempting to create a real relationship with him, in spite of the whole forced “fake” aspect. What I mean is, she could very easily coerce him into doing more “boyfriend” things with her, yet she doesn’t. In fact, her manipulative nature further stresses this point. We’ve seen that she has no qualms about using underhanded tactics to get what she wants, but her relationship with Eita is the one thing she hasn’t touched. Well, aside from the obvious fake situation. And unfortunately, it is exactly because of this that things aren’t going to go too smoothly for her. We know that she’s resorting to blackmailing Eita because of the anti-love mask she created for herself. But would it really have been too much of a problem to just approach him in a more standard fashion? Even if guys would start slobbering after her once it is revealed that she’s “open for business”, I would think that they would give up once she secures a boyfriend. If she sincerely pursued Eita, surely things would have worked out just as well, if not better? Unless there are still some other family issues that have been hinted at but we’ve not yet learned?

In any case, the girls go shopping for swimsuits in preparation of a beach trip. This sets things up for plenty of fanservice, which we get a hearty dose of. In particular, I was rather surprised that Hime is actually that well-endowed. Just where was she hiding those puppies? It’s possible that the school uniform helped keep them hidden, but then what about Masuzu? She looked pretty well-endowed even in her school uniform. I guess Burning Prin Princess just has some sort of dimensional warping ability, not unlike the ninjas in Senran Kagura. Ai-chan also makes a pitch of her own at Eita, but instead of swimsuits, she drags him off to try on some wedding gowns. At this point, I’m not too sure how obvious it is that Michel is a fabrication. She makes no effort to hide that she “wuvs” Eita at times, yet none of the other girls (except Masuzu) seem to realize that the whole Michel business is a farce. Heck, if they see that she’s clinging to Eita and have the brains to call her out as a cheater, why can’t they put two and two together and realize that Michel probably never existed in the first place? Granted, Hime isn’t too sharp and has been suckered into Ai-chan’s “love master” act, but I thought Chiwa would be as savvy as Masuzu. I guess it just takes a liar to spot one.

Just when the episode started looking like it was purely fanservice, OreShura snaps out of it and hurries in some last-minute developments. Eita’s aunt, Saeko, shows up abruptly (she was barely actually present in the first episode). And she stirs up a storm when she asks Eita who his girlfriend is. When Masuzu steps forward proudly, she is shot down immediately. Just how did Saeko know the two were only “fakes”? Granted, Eita and Masuzu don’t really do anything a typical couple would do regularly, but the fact that Saeko specifically used the word “fake” has me wondering if she is somehow aware of Masuzu’s plots. Whatever the case, it looks like she’ll provide the catalyst for the last spurt of the show. And hopefully she helps Eita settle on one girl, because we all know how terrible harem endings can be.

Ai-chan’s lies about Michel are really coming back to bite her in the butt. Oh well. I’m not too big a fan of her anyway. I say, good riddance.

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2 thoughts on “OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 10

  1. I really don’t think the anti love thing was supposed to be a mask initially I think Masuzu really did get together with Eita to deflect fan boys then, as sappy as it is, wanted him to actually become her boyfriend after seeing his “true self”

    • I’ll admit I also thought Masuzu’s anti-love business wasn’t just an act at first. But I get the feeling that the way she refers to Eita’s notebook as “the diary my first love left behind” suggests she may have liked him from the very beginning. In any case, it’s really up to your interpretation until some solid answers are provided.

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