Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 10

Rika says it anywayRika pushes Kodaka

So after learning about the other movie that  is exactly like the movie they’re filming, Kodaka spills the beans to the rest of the Rinjin-bu about Yozora’s plagiarizing, and Yozora takes up the space of punishment. I thought it an interesting touch that Yozora was put on display on the right side of the room as we usually see it, in front of the TV, in what I think of  as Sena’s realm in the clubroom (as opposed to Yozora’s area on the other side where she reads). I don’t know if it was intentionally shown that way, but it had an interesting symbolism, basically putting Yozora on trial in Sena’s court. And of course she’s guilty, and doesn’t even offer up any defense except that she didn’t think anyone would really notice, given how relatively unknown the source material is.

Sena is probably overdoing this a bitSena might have rubbed it in a little too much.

But what to do about their film? Well, when Sena’s in ascendancy, she’s REALLY in ascendancy, and she produces a script she wrote when they started thinking about a movie, in case Yozora couldn’t come up with one. She then proceeds to rub it in a little much, getting everyone a little embarrassed, and yet, Yozora still doesn’t say anything, even after she’s told that she’s going to make up for this in the movie.

No, sorry, it's not going to be the ass shotYes, I’m going to use THIS shot, not the one right before it.

And make up for it she does. We finally get to see them making the film in the OP sequence, with Witch Yozora on her broomstick (which cracks me up every time in the OP when she grabs the hat off Sena’s head).  BTW, does anyone ever wear panties in this show? There’s no way that there’s that much curve without some cloth, unless she’s wearing a thong, and I just don’t see that as Yozora’s thing. But even with the embarrassing outfit, Yozora seems to enjoy filming the movie, even with it being about how great “Senna Kasiwasky” is.

Kobato's starring rolePrincess Kobato-sama

But time out from filming is taken to visit Kobato’s middle school to see the film that Kobato is in. The whole gang goes, although they don’t sit together since Sena’s way up in the front, and they were late getting there. And the film is very well done for a middle school movie, in a silent style, a remake of part of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter with Princess Kobato in the lead role. But Kobato isn’t very happy they came to see it, after she told them not to, although she’s really pleased that Kodaka liked her movie (and really repelled by Sena’s smothering, as usual).

Maria doesn't like seeing Kobato being popularSomeone’s not a big fan of Kobato being popular.

But we also get to learn that Kobato-sama is actually very popular in the school, but doesn’t care for the attention at all, to the point of pulling away the more people say they like her. Rika opines that “you really are related”, meaning that Kodaka is acting the same way. And Maria’s not a fan of ‘popular Kobato’, thinking that Kobato’s leaving her behind with having a lot of friends, and that Maria’s not that special anymore. But Maria gets to see the real truth when Kobato comes to the clubroom after, in her Vampire getup, and is happy to be reunited with her best friend and rival.

Hidaka Hinata - SeitokaichouHidaka Hinata, the Seitokaichou and object of Yozora’s ire.

There’s some bad in the story, tho. As we get to the Sports Festival at the high school, we’re now back into the things that are antithetical to the Rinjin-bu, namely dealing with other people. Yozora, for instance, can’t stand being there at all, and as soon as the opening is done heads to the infirmary to lie down. But not before displaying her thorough disgust for the Student Council President, who has taken the place of Sena as Yozora’s most hated person. Popular, helpful, athletic, competent, she’s everything that Yozora hates. Is this from jealousy and a wish to be able to be popular? Or is it really that she doesn’t like popularity?

Of course Rika would wear bloomersRika and her self-isolation

And the real drama happens when Kodaka sees Rika on the roof, by herself. Going up to talk to her,they end up talking about Sena, and Rika observes that Sena isn’t necessarily all that keen on their engagement meaning nothing. Getting Kodaka’s usual “What was that?” evasive response, the one that he always gives when he doesn’t want to acknowledge hearing what he just heard, Rika starts to list Kodaka’s evasive qualities: “pretending not to hear, pretending not to notice, afraid of other people expressing affection to him, running away, brushing off, covering up, rejecting.” And he does it AGAIN! Trying to deflect to the subject of Kobato.  But Rika won’t give up, and pushes forward, pushes Kodaka towards taking that step, the one that he will not take: acknowledging that he has friends.

Kodaka can't stand to hear itKodaka snaps.

But before she can get there, he blows up at her, yelling at her to stop, and then walking away. And although she continues talking as he walks away, he pretends that what she says is lost on the wind. He even asks “what was that?” again, but Rika doesn’t want to play that game anymore. She’s offered to be the same way she has been, but she doesn’t understand why he’s like that.

And that’s my biggest question, too. “Why?” Why does Kodaka react so strongly to Rika starting to say what she wants to say, what he knows already? Why is he afraid of the word ‘friends’? Why doesn’t he want to hear it? He knows she’s not talking about Kobato. Why so angry? I hope that we find out in the couple episodes that are left.

Too much makeupLaid it on with a trowel.

Just Maria’s makeup, even though she’s kept the cool razor blade earrings.



2 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 10

  1. Rika is the most perceptive in the club. The funniest as well. And I love her. She’s becoming more and more important in the series than what she was in the first season.

    Anyway, I also don’t get Kodaka’s behavior. Like really? Why just not accept that he’s gotten himself some friends? I hope we’ll get to know why.

    • Since they’ve put this conflict in the show with two whole episodes left, I’m pretty sure we’ll get this unpacked the rest of the way before the end of this series.

      I am really enjoying that they’ve made not only Rika, but all of the rest of the ‘side main characters’ – Yukimura, Kobato, and Maria – a lot more important and symbolic of the growing friendships in the Rinjin-bu this series. All of them are being used well to show Kodaka’s stagnation in progress.

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