Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 10

Doing exactly the same thing as alwaysManabe disagrees with where the show is going.

There isn’t much good in this week’s Kotoura-san. As the crew deals with the fallout of Moritani being found with blood on her hands at the scene of the crime, and the attacker of high school girls is still on the loose, Haruka is struggling with wanting to help out her friends in multiple ways.

Manabe and Kotoura trying to get arrestedMaybe Manabe and Haruka are trying to get arrested to help Moritani.

So the assailant is still on the loose, leaving everyone at the school scared about whether they’ll be attacked. But Moritani has been arrested on suspicion, and it doesn’t help that she was seen all day complaining and making threats about the girl who was attacked (who was the one who started the rumors that Haruka knew who the attacker was). We then get the anti-police procedural show, as police detective Tsukino-san invites the rest of the ESP Research Club into the interrogation room to talk to Moritani, to the chagrin of Yama-san. To try to get Moritani released, Haruka proves that she’s a psychic with some embarrassing secrets of Yama-san’s.

Manabe isn't pleased with this ideaNot a fan of the idea.

But the police can’t let people go on the word of a psychic, so Moritani has to wait until the criminal commits another crime, which of course they do. But before that happens, Yuriko finally convinces Haruka to try to catch the criminal using her ESP. The big surprise is Manabe’s reaction: Completely opposed to the idea. And he links it back to Haruka’s biggest character issue: her propensity to take on all responsibility herself, even when it shouldn’t be hers to take. And he makes it clear he’s not opposing her involvement because he thinks she can’t do it, but because he’s concerned for her safety and wellbeing. But Haruka has decided. And with that falling out, Manabe splits from Haruka for the rest of the show.

Manabe all aloneAll by himself

Manabe’s absence has Haruka oscillating between independence and sadness. She’s not happy about him being gone and seems to miss him terribly. But she’s also stubborn, and she’ll decide what she wants to do. She wants him to be there with her, and even imagines him there, but she’s not to the point yet where she’ll go seek him out. But we don’t know what Manabe’s been up to, either. Perhaps he’s been watching over Haruka and the others, hoping to still keep her safe.

Haruka gets suspicious informationJust one phone call.

Ugly is how easily the whole ESP Research Club was suckered into being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was kind of surprised that it was Yuriko who was taking the point and being the target, and I’m actually really surprised that the attacker, who really does seem to be Tsukino-san, went after Yuriko, as opposed to going after Haruka.

Yuriko in danger

And what do you think about Tsukino being the attacker? Is it possible she’s got multiple separate personalities, which is the reason that Haruka can’t tell that she’s the same person encountered earlier?

Forgot all these screenshots I took!

2 thoughts on “Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 10

    • It does do a very good job of being dramatic without being oppressive or feeling like either the comedy or drama is shoehorned in. It’s obvious that they shift it a bit depending on the mood of the episode (like there wasn’t too much comedy this episode).

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