Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 11

The protectors of the Rinjin-bu, and maybe best friendsYozora and Sena protecting the Rinjin-bu

The day of the culture fair has arrived, but the Rinjin-bu’s movie hasn’t. Instead, Rika has worked herself into an anime cold, and doesn’t complete the editing. Also, Yusa Aoi returns, and takes her jealousy of Sena to the new height of trying to get her club disbanded. And Sena drops a huge bomb right in the middle of the clubroom.

Rika with a cold is moeRika is so cute with a cold

Rika’s cold provides the opportunity for Kodaka to have another talk with Rika, this time in the infirmary. The concern everyone has when finding out that she only has a slight fever is expressive of how much they’re all coming together, and furthering this point, Yozora cancels all the festival screenings of the almost completed movie, because “there’s no point if we all haven’t watched it together first.” More than anything else, this movie seems to represent the first real gelling of the Rinjin-bu into a group of people who recognize that they’re with friends. And when Kodaka relays that sentiment to Rika, and that everyone agreed, she’s extremely moved.

Rika learns there's no 'yaoi hole'

Rika and Kodaka talking

That doesn’t stop her from teasing Kodaka a little more about ‘taking’ her. Nor does it stop her from setting him up, reading a BL book so that she can record him doing it. The question I have is whether that’s going to be something for blackmail, or is it going to be for Rika’s ‘personal’ use? But her hopes are shattered when she learns a key fact about male anatomy. And even though he’s been embarrassed talking about it, Kodaka finally admits that the only reason he could have such a silly conversation with someone like Rika is because of the Rinjin-bu.

Watching it all togetherWatching the movie together

And when Rika finally gets better, they all sit down to watch their movie together. Maybe sometime the rest of us will get to see it.

Loli on the couchYusa needs to stand on the couch to get her point across

The bad is Yusa Aoi. After finding out about the Rinjin-bu, for some reason she decides she’s going to shut them down. Is this some attempt at revenge on Sena, or even just one-upsmanship? The first time she tries, she meets her match in the battle of the school rulebook in Yozora, who you can imagine has read the book a few times. Trying tactics of them not having goals, not having activities, even Yukimura’s, Maria’s, and Kobato’s outfits, Yusa is rebuffed time and again by Yozora’s thorough knowledge of rules and loopholes. And even though she’s stood up well, it’s draining to Yozora, but she obviously is pleased by the thanks she gets for her effort.

Maria admits itWhat, Maria’s not a Sister?

But that’s not the only thing Yusa will try. She comes back another day, and this time seems to have an airtight case: The club must have a moderator, and even though they thought they had Maria, she’s not actually a sister, as confirmed by Kate (who is a sister). But threatened with her club being disbanded, Sena goes into action, calling her father, the Chairman, and getting him to offer Maria a teacher position. And when pressed, Sena gets tough, pointing out that Yusa and the student council are lucky she decided to go the easy route of getting a moderator, rather than ruining the student council.

Sena goes on the offensiveSena is not shy about using her influence.

While Yozora is not entirely approving of the idea of using influence and power to roll roughshod over one’s enemies, Sena points out that if someone would back down because of that power, she doesn’t want to bother with them anyway. And that’s really a compliment to Yozora, who never backs down from Sena, especially over her possible influence.


Saying the words 'I love you'Sena drops the big one.

We’ll put this in Ugly, because it could be a big problem going forward. Sena, in talking about her conversation with her father, and maybe a little distracted by her game, blurts out that she and Kodaka should just get married. Because after all, she does love him. This, of course, brings back Kodaka’s avoidance measure of “What was that?” But before Sena can gather herself back up, and confess face to face, which she’s going to do, Kodaka runs away. And Rika, who pointed out exactly this situation last week, that Sena thought differently about Kodaka than he admitted, is really disappointed in Kodaka. Meanwhile, Yozora is stricken. This must have been her worst nightmare, and I wonder how much of her wishes she could have worked up the nerve to confess first now that the opportunity is gone. Or could Yozora ever confess how she really feels, either to Kodaka or to herself?

The most frightened we've seen YozoraYozora is very scared.

Heading into next week’s finale, will Kodaka stop running away? Will he finally face not only the fact that their all friends, but that all of the girls in the club wish they were more than friends? Or will this irreversably change the way they all interact? It’s possible that Kodaka has been avoiding this just because admitting that he liked one or more of the girls could put a rift in the club. Is he really that perceptive?


2 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Weekly Update – Episode 11

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think Kodaka is being perceptive enough to avoid the girls getting into an all-out war. I feel like the show is simply trying to push his refusal to accept anyone as a friend (or more). But I don’t remember this being so much as mentioned previously, so it comes across as a random attempt to insert some serious development.

    Whatever the case, Kodaka really needs to get his act together. The show hasn’t given us much in the way of why he’s acting this way aside from his “yankee” appearance isolating him in the past. And this isn’t enough to justify his behavior, making him just look like an ass.

    • One thing I’ve heard elsewhere is that perhaps Kodaka’s main issue is that he doesn’t want to upset the balance of the Rinjin-bu. Up until now, they’ve been 7 people growing together. But if he were to, say, return the interest of Rika, or Sena, or Yozora then it would destabilize the group by the others getting upset. If he started dating Sena, what does he do with Yozora? From her reaction in this episode, we see how difficult that would be. Conversely, if he started dating Yozora, how would Sena react? Would her ‘revenge’ against Yozora be further stoked, perhaps into actually doing something, as opposed to just kind of holding on as a friend / enemy?

      But Rika is right that this is not a situation that can go on. Now that Sena’s basically let the cat out of the bag, Kodaka’s going to have to address it. I think it’s interesting that she went right for “you should marry me” rather than “you should date me”, but I think that her not paying attention is probably the reason for that.

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