Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 11

Manabe arrives in the nick of timeThe show is better when these two are a pair.

The story of the School Girl Attacker is resolved, and Kotoura and Manabe are reunited.

Muroto recoversMuroto in the hospital.

Muroto was not seriously injured, but Yuriko realizes that she’s gotten everyone into this mess. Muroto’s assurances that he isn’t just with her because of her mother stand up pretty well, and definitely seem to bring them closer together, although I don’t know how much Yuriko wants them to be more together.

Manabe rejects Moritani after she confessesMoritani gets rejected.

There was also a scene between Manabe and Moritani that was notable for something somewhat rare in anime: The confession and rejection between main characters. While it wasn’t a surprise that Manabe rejected Moritani, it was interesting that the form was held, and that Moritani actually went through with it, even though the outcome was a fait accompli. Manabe was always going to say he loved Haruka, and then go to find her. But I guess it does provide some closure for Moritani. Hopefully there will be some ‘closure’ of the couple of Haruka and Manabe next episode.

Meeting Tsukino in the parkNot the best storyline they could have used.

Kotoura-san has been trading on the slightly different feel it’s had throughout the series. I am not as down on it as others are, since I think it’s held up pretty well with the emotional swings and good and bad mixed together. But this episode, finishing up the story of Tsukino, just felt like it needed all the time it had to handle that. And that crowded out any of the real emotional parts that this show had.

It didn’t help that the story of the attacker was pretty rote, one that was completely predictable throughout, and that the resolution episode finally crossed over into the ‘yeah, we’ve seen this before *yawn*’. The show then compounded this by separating Manabe and Kotoura, thus robbing us of the main source of humor the show has. So with the drama toned down, and no real humorous situations possible, the whole show kind of fell flat. Plus, with the audience knowing who the attacker was, it really caused the audience to just roll their eyes at all the things that happened, like Haruka dropping her cell phone under the TV, running away up the stairs to get away (to be laughed at by Tsukino). And of course, Haruka is saved in the nick of time.

Haruka appeals to the good side of TsukinoCliched resolution doesn’t satisfy.

The Ugly is the whole thing with Tsukino. Using a story ripped off, and not very well at that, from Bakemonogatari, she had Dissociative Personality Disorder. And Haruka ‘wins’ by convincing the ‘good’ Tsukino to take charge again. It was not really a good way to go.

The good thing about this episode, tho, is that it wasn’t the last one. This would have been a tremendously disappointing way for the series to end. Hopefully with the actual finale they’ll do better, even if it means a bit of despair.


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