Thank You, Good Bye and the Future


With the Spring comes change. The snow melts, the animals come out of hibernation, and the leaves take on a new viridian hue. The same is for SGK. I would like to say goodbye to Sumairii and Highway. They are moving onto greener pastures as they say, to This is a big opportunity for them and I hope you continue to read their work. They are fantastic writers and deserve all their opportunities.

I cannot stress enough how important Highway and Sumairii have been to the survival of Sushi GoKart. In my absence they have kept the site alive with their vivid and descriptive posts. Without them I don’t think I would have the heart to come back to writing. They have been the life blood of SGK and I am happy that they wrote for me even though I wasn’t the best of editors.

So what does this mean for the GoKart in the future? Well it means I am going to solo for the Spring season. Finding replacements will be difficult considering the dedicated talent that has laid the groundwork. What does it mean for you the reader? Well it means you get a shot a become a writer for SGK! If you are interested please send a writing sample to I’ll be taking a look at everyone and seeing who’s fit to write. I want about two writers but it is not specifically a hard cap.

So welcome to the Spring season! The first set of first impressions should be up later today for your viewing pleasure!


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