Red Data Girl – First Impressions

Red Data Girl - First Impressions

P.A. Works offering for this season heads back into the domains of fantasy and romance. Does Red Data Girl offer anything new to the genre or is it doomed to being another exercise in a tired genre? My short answer: there is some hope…

Cutting Her Hair
Red Data Girl follows the story of Izumiko Suzuhara,a young girl who lives in a shrine surrounded by her caretakers, distanced from her travelling parents. It isn’t quite clear in the first episode, but she harbors some sort of spiritual power that makes her unable to interact directly with technology. It’s a novel premise that presents the viewer with a tantalizing mystery. Typically a series of this genre gives away most of their secrets in the opening sequences, so its refreshing to see this show hold some of its cards.

Running Through The Woods

Considering that this is P.A. Works, the animation is simply spectacular. The lighting was particularly well done. The shades of supernatural blue work well to contrast the earthly hues of everyday life. Color is a meaningful way to convey story without spelling it out it dialogue. It’s an effective tool that I hope the series continues to utilize

The Hero

While the mystery is intriguing, the narrative itself seems very opaque. The lack of any real answers surrounding the character or their backstories makes this opener a bit hard to digest. Usually a lack of development is buoyed by a great sense of movement and action which is not present here. Hopefully going forward the story is bit more liberal in its exposition. When a random family friend shows up in a helicopter you sure as hell want to know why.

Brain TestWithout pointing out anyone in the cast in particular, the voice acting could be improved. It’s not the script’s fault that the lines are often delivered in an obnoxiously exaggerated manner. These seiyuu can’t decide wether to be extremely emotional or unusually nonchalant. There needs to be a fine medium between the two.

There is nothing really ugly about this series but I hope the series keeps its air of mystery while improving on the sound production overall. It’s looking to be a deep series and I really look forward to see what the narrative has in store for the Red Data Girl. This is definitely a candidate for one of the series I am willing to blog!

The Fields

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