Devil Survivor 2 Weekly Update – Episode 4

Devil Survivor 2 Weekly Update - Episode 4

I guess Hibiki is allowed to go off the deep end every now and then. Does his little tryst with insanity add any depth to a hero whose been largely two dimensional?

The action has really been ramped up. Merak’s appearance sparked the largest battle the series has seen up until this point. No punches were pulled for this epic fight. Every summoner in Osaka was put onto the front lines with some disastrous results. Their futile efforts were rewarded with a quick and swift death. While the main cast is basically untouchable, the supporting cast isn’t. The ruthlessness with which the writers kill them off give the show a sense of tension and atmosphere. It’s the best thing about a series that feels like it’s getting stale, four episodes in.

Merak's Assault

Let’s just go onto the ugly…

I might have some biases when analyzing the show because of my experience with the game. Many won’t realize how rich the source material actually is. While I won’t spend time comparing the two as the differences are immeasurable, Devil Survivor 2 is having problems converting the strengths of its counterpart. When I started watching the series I expected an intense character drama against an apocalyptic backdrop. Instead the show opts to be a mediocre supernatural adventure that is strung together by a flaccid narrative.

Hibiki Stands

Hibiki, the foundation of the series, seems to only have a single mode. Even when he makes a poor decision, he is rewarded by ultimately being the savior. The consequences of his actions don’t feel important because their inevitability gives no weight to the choices he makes. For example, in the fight with Merak, he leaves the rear gaurd to try and protect the front line. The defenders still get wiped. Just before he can realize that he wasn’t able to save anyone, he’s told that they would have died regardless because they were facing a powerful demon. These few words are enough kick him back into fighting shape. It makes me think the show is allergic to any sort of character development, protecting its precious cast from suffering too much.

Hinako's Death

I might just be a bit too harsh on this show but it’s because I know how great it can be. There is still time for this series to step its game up. Don’t let me down Devil Survivor 2.

2 thoughts on “Devil Survivor 2 Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. I’m really hoping they didn’t kill off Hinako. The show definitely needs a cool dancer in a revealing outfit speaking Kansai-ben to counteract Nitta’s stuffiness.

    I think the show’s been pretty good, definitely better than I thought it would be, but Hibiki is getting a bit annoying with his “I can save everyone! Oh no I’m crushed cause I couldn’t save that person!” deal.

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