Face the Music: Onegai! Twins

Face the Music: Onegai! Twins

Often times we over look the effect music has on a show. As viewers we spend most of our times ogling at the artwork, exploring the story, or  deciphering the characters. It’s no wondering that the soundtrack is often ignored. While it’s often the loudest element, it does its job hidden in the shadows of the background, bringing those disparate elements together. In Face the Music we’ll be taking a look at some of my favorite music from anime and the impact it had on the series and myself as both a fan and a critic.

Anime: Onegai! Twins
Song: Second Flight
Artist: Kotoko

Why I Love This Song

Now it’s easy to get put off by the cheesy synths, but each tinny sound comes together to make a piece that swells with energy. It’s a beautiful collage of cheap notes that creates a song with a lot of movement and texture. Kotoko’s voice fits this beat perfectly. While it doesn’t have much depth, her light and airy vocals match the mood of this song.

Impact On The Series

If anyone remembers this show, they know it was an exercise in stereotypes. It’s lack of creativity and originality made it the gold standard of what we call mediocrity. But if you were following the show at the time and come back every week to a very excellent opening theme. Those few precious moments at the beginning of each outing

Impact On Myself

This was one of the first shows that I watched after Love Hina (my first anime series ever). It was also one of the first series I followed on a week by week basis. I really couldn’t tell if the show was good or not, but I knew one thing: I loved that opening. Every week, I would tune in to watch the show but more importantly, listen to the song. You could argue that I could have avoided sitting through such subpar episodes if I had made use of any of the various P2P programs available at the time but my juvenile mind thought only mainstream music could be found on those services. But forgetting the misconceptions of my childhood, the more significant consequence of my new habit was that the seeds of my anime addiction were planted. After the last episode of Onegai! Twins aired, I needed something new and fresh to sink my teeth into. And so history repeats itself even today. Even today, as seasons come to a close, I’m still looking for the next great song.

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