Kakumeiki Valvrave Weekly Update – Episode 3

Valvrave00004Kakumeiki Valvrave has put its foot on the accelerator, and doesn’t seem to be looking back. With quick action, political dialogue, and contracts being formed, Kakumeiki Valvrave continues down its road, without any intention to slow down.


Kakumeiki Valvrave adds on to the developments of last week by focusing entirely on the advancement of the plot this week, with little regard to character development. As a result of his heroics, Haruto is praised by the government of ARUS, and more specifically, Senator Figaro, who extends an invitation to Haruto to aid the ARUS war effort, an offer that Haruto accepts without hesitation.

At the same time however, he effectively falls straight into the plans of Senator Figaro, who seems intent on using Haruto as a propaganda tool and to act as the rallying point in the war against Dorssia. Meanwhile, L-Elf breaks out of the captivity that he has been placed in and reveals to everyone exactly why he is regarded as a one man army by decimating every single soldier that comes after him.

Although the mechas were missing this week, Kakumeiki Valvrave definitely skimp on the action, with L-Elf’s amazing display that honestly was one of the better sequences of the show so far. Alongside L-Elf’s domination came the reemergence of Haruto’s vampire side, although he was quickly knocked out of it by a slap to the face by Saki, who is quickly growing on me, I have to say.

On the subject of Saki and our burgeoning love triangle, we get the sense that Saki is definitely hiding some sort of experience, evidenced by her line about not trusting adults. What that experience and knowledge exactly is, we will just have to find out as the season goes on. In addition, Saki discovered Shoko’s bond with Haruto this week, and the flames of jealousy have definitely begun to sprout up.

Right now, it seems like Kakumeiki Valvrave is intent on supplying us with as much action and content as is humanly possible to include in one season of anime, and I am not complaining. The combat scenes are well done for the most part, and coupled with the stellar animation, they are always worth watching.

Valvrave00009Kakumeiki Valvrave moves quickly, and really doesn’t spend too much time on developing its characters. At least for now, I still know next to nothing about every character not named Haruto and L-Elf. While I understand that they are the leads, I feel like Valvrave could dedicate a few more scenes to the other supporting characters once in a while. ┬áBut really, this doesn’t have much of an adverse effect so early on. As long as some sort of development happens by the end of the series, I’m sure that this will be a minor complaint.

Inconsistencies with the science once more this week, in the form of what effect open space has when the Dyson Sphere is breached. I’ve already beaten this horse to death, so let’s just ignore it and move on.


Kakumeiki Valvrave is speeding along right now at a breakneck pace, with little concern for the small details and instead focusing on gratuitous action and political developments, not that I’m really complaining. I have yet to find a boring moment in the last three weeks, and I am hopeful that this trend continues. Valvrave is clearly not setting out to tell a complex plot with subtle intricacies sprinkled in. Instead, it aims to throw explosions, mecha and drama at us at every turn, and I’m a willing recipient so far.

One thought on “Kakumeiki Valvrave Weekly Update – Episode 3

  1. I find that Haruto’s character is very inconsistent. Every time I look at him, I feel very confused. To put it more clearly, I don’t understand what the writers want Haruto to be; rather, I don’t know if the writers themselves know what they want Haruto to be. He just seems extremely inconsistent, going from a submissive protagonist, to swearing revenge
    on Dorsia and killing his enemies mercilessly, and then reducing himself into a self-depricating protagonist by removing his own rights to confess to Shouko, calling himself a monster. And then in episode three he seems to have recovered from all this and is almost impartial to the happenings in his surroundings until the last few minutes of the episode.

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