The Not-So-Weekly Site Update


First of all I want to thank my new writers for trying to get into the swing of things in the middle of the season. The three of them are working so hard to get up to speed, so they deserve some props. Keep up the good work my fellow writers.

Next, I want to discuss commenting. Commenting is very important to the life of a blog. It lets the writer know you care! Please do your best to comment on the articles that you like! Even if you don’t like it let the writer know! Your feedback is important!

Also I think this issue is my fault. I’ve always wanted to create content that engaged the audience in a different way. I think I was partially successful with they Hype Machine articles. I feel that I should be trying to do more though. Going forward I will be changing all my Weekly Update posts into a series of articles I call Talking points. I’ll be taking Twitter posts and excerpts from blogs and discussing them in context of the episode at hand. I think debate is a good starting point for discussion! Hopefully you all enjoy this new format.

Till next time, adieu.


P.S. This doesn’t mean the traditional Weekly Update is going away. It’s just the format for the four shows that I blog will be changing.

4 thoughts on “The Not-So-Weekly Site Update

  1. Woah! Seems like a bunch of new people came in! Good luck ^v^ to the new writers! I can read Highway’s stuff on Metanorn now haha. I’d like to comment…but I’m so behind on so many series this season OTL

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