Talking Points: Suisei no Gargantia – Episode 4

Talking Points: Susei no Gargantia: Episode 4
Welcome to the first edition of Talking Points, a series of articles where I’ll be looking at other Tweets and blog posts as a jump off point for the discussion in my article. This will be similar to the Hype Machine articles, but will feature much more lengthier and serious discussion. I hope you enjoy!

@rayneholde:┬ámy favorite #gargantia episode yet, as ledo’s starting to learn more on becoming a human

I think it would be more accurate to say that Ledo is learning to be something other than a soldier. The discipline and hard-nosed outlook isn’t alien in the context of humanity. The qualities he has can be found amongst the military in our world today. But this atitude isn’t beneficial to the situation he’s currently in. He has to transform himself to adapt to Gargantian society, where emotion and ethics trump mechanical efficiency. It is a place where community, happiness, and self worth are just as important as logic.

An important detail to note is that people of both Earth and the Human Alliance value ideals that can be considered ‘human’ albeit on different ends of the spectrum. Our notions of humanity are usually skewed towards our empathy, our ability to identify the emotions of another sentient being. This is understandable, but it is important to remember that higher cognitive functions bestows mankind with other capabilities such as logical induction.

Bevel realizes this in his conversation with Ledo. He draws a connection between a soldier standing by and the desire to continue living. He notes that even though their outlooks might be different, there are similarities. But he also reminds Ledo that in world where orders and commands don’t exist, there are other things that are valuable, such as family and friends.

@BakaLolli: Ledo’s broken Japanese X3 I hope I don’t sound like that when trying to speak it OTL #gargantia

Ledo’s broken Japanese is adorable, but more than that it is an important character development. Up until the final moment of episode 3, Ledo strictly spoke through Chamber. Him accepting the language of his hosts shows that he is willing to reach out and learn. Recreating the sounds might be difficult for him, but he still tries. No explanation is given as to why when Chamber could do all the communicating for him, but it reveals the most human thing about Ledo: the need to communicate. We are by definition social creatures. That’s why we embrace new methods to disseminate what we want to say, be it through radio, television, or the internet.

@juniperbends: this week’s episode of #gargantia was really good. i like how ledo’s character development is shaping up. the other characters are still umm

The series wants to focus on Ledo. He is the foreigner in a foreign place. Obviously the changes within him will be more rapid in the new environment. Having the other characters staying stable also lets the viewer more readily identify the changes within Ledo himself. I think this a great narrative technique that keeps Suisei no Gargantia focused

That’s it for this week! How are you feeling about the fourth episode? Do you agree or disagree with the points made? Until next week!

5 thoughts on “Talking Points: Suisei no Gargantia – Episode 4

  1. Great write up man!

    Red/Ledo is starting to reveal a lot about his world in terms of how they treat their people especially the sick? I guess they had their reasons because technically they are in a war, but surely they have to have smart military types that plan out battles right? I have a feeling they wiped Red/Ledo’s memories of his past >.>

  2. Still loving the series – it’s officially my favouite of the current season, and by quite a long way. This episode was possibly the strongest we’ve had so far though – i’m enjoying Ledo’s character development and the hints about his backstory, which are subtle enough to make me curious for more and without feeling like they’re treating the audience as stupid or lazy. I prefer it when things are left to the imagination like this.

  3. Woah, that’s some insightful analysis. I didn’t think of a lot of points you mentioned. Do you happen to have done film studies before?

    And while Ledo has to adapt to Gargantian society, I wonder how deep an impact it would leave on him and how much he will allow himself to be changed by them. Thus far it still seems that he is intending on returning to the Galactic Alliance…

    • I think he will always want to return to the Galactic Alliance because he is a soldier after all. He has his duty. And I never took Film Studies, I’m a finance major xD

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