Kakumeiki Valvrave Weekly Update – Episode 5

Valvrave00004Power outages, music videos, and shocking discoveries are all featured this week on Kakumeiki Valvrave. What more can we ask for?


Well, contrary to my personal theories, Kakumeiki Valvrave dealt with the surprisingly realistic ramifications of Shoko’s declaration of independence. The issues of food, power, and the short-sightedness of her plan were all highlighted, and dealt with accordingly, which was fine for me. The solutions were a little convenient, but there is a lot more to enjoy about this particular episode.

Kakumeiki Valvrave made it through this outing with only minimal attention paid to the Valvrave itself, which worked well for this particular segment. I found that I missed the mecha much less than I had expected to, as there was still plenty of action to go around this week, just not in conventional forms. Not to mention, a healthy dose of Saki was delivered this week, and that was a touch I greatly appreciated.


It’s no secret that I am ready to take Saki’s side when the battle lines are drawn, and this episode did nothing to change my opinion. If anything, I only love her character more now, after witnessing her in action. Not only does she lay the smack down on Takahi, but she also manages to star in a music video planned by the students to raise money, and steals a kiss from Haruto, reigniting the love triangle. Beyond that, based on her attempt to bite Takahi, which mimicked Haruto’s actions, and the fact that more Valvraves were discovered at the end of the episode, I can safely assume that Saki will become a pilot next week. All in all, this episode did a lot to establish Saki’s importance to Kakumeiki Valvrave.

This episode was full of head scratching moments, from the fact that the physics teacher didn’t think once to lend a hand to the freezing students, to Shoko randomly singing “Jingle Bells” to cheer up her classmates. Valvrave’s lack of solid writing became painfully apparent this week, especially with the manufactured crisis of the power suddenly running out, and the solution of pressing a big red button. Things just didn’t seem to fall into the realm of realism this week, and although Valvrave rarely actually cares about treading that line, it became much more obvious when the show slowed its pace down. With the developments made this week, however, we can expect the action to pick up soon.


While the music video was undoubtedly one of the highlights of this week, it just felt out of place. I mean, this is a mecha show, right? Can’t we put the Valvrave to better use than as an extra for a PV?


Kakumeiki Valvrave faltered a bit this week, with its weakest showing overall. However, its worst still is leaps and bounds over every other show this season in terms of pure entertainment value. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes this such an endearing series, but whatever it is, Valvrave certainly hasn’t lost it. Aside from a few hiccups, Kakumeiki Valvrave’s fifth installment was a solid outing that left me hopeful for the next few episodes and the developments that they will bring.

7 thoughts on “Kakumeiki Valvrave Weekly Update – Episode 5

  1. Things didn’t fall to realism “this week”? I have to wonder, have you been watching the same show I have? I think realism got left behind when they started out with the eating contest to see who could use the fields in the first scene of the series.

    This might have been the most realistic episode, because as you say, the consequences of being a ‘country’ run by a bunch of high school kids come home to roost. Of course, they manage to just blow through them with no problems, but at least it’s not missiles from nowhere or button-mashing a robot to devastating victory.

    • You make a great point there. I guess that it just slipped my mind when it seemed like Valvrave was tackling some realistic problems.

      Of course, I don’t watch Valvrave for its realism, because that would be akin to buying a car for its cup holders. My enjoyment is derived just from the ridiculousness of the situations, and how they are handled by a bunch of high school kids. Realism just has no place there, and it doesn’t have to be.

      • For me, the biggest problem isn’t whether it’s ‘realistic’ or not, it’s more consistency and plausibility. I mean, I can accept a world where girls drive tanks around in sporting combat, and have schools that are miles-long carriers. I can accept things like Madoka Magica, where outer-space beings siphon power from the crushing of young girls’ hopes and dreams. I can even go with Vividred where the magical energy thing powers the world.

        My big problem is the consistency and using stupid tricks to get things done the way they want. LIke having L-11 be able to conjure up a bunch of missiles either from nowhere, or out of his butt, or the ARUS ship crew being such idiots that they get stuck in the access hatch. Or when they find out about L-11, they don’t just shoot him and say “Oops, sorry, we musta got him before we knew who he was.” You don’t keep the “One Man Army” around tied up with rope!!!! That’s why this show makes me facepalm and headdesk, but why this episode was better than most were.

        • That’s true. As long as Valvrave follows the rules it establishes, it doesn’t really bother me at all when something ridiculous happens. Really though, I think that when Valvrave just overloads us with action, it kind of covers up for some of these moments.

          Really, the thing that broke it for me this week was the music video bit. That just felt really stupid, and just unnecessary.There have to be better ways to raise funds, there just have to be!

          • Again, that part actually felt authentic to me. You had a known idol singer, you have some free time, you have kids, and cameras. So make a music video! That’s something that happens when you put those things together.

          • Wait, a known idol singer? I must have missed that part, because that would suddenly make the music video suddenly seem more like a viable idea, and not one that the kids just came up with out of the blue.

          • Wow. I feel really stupid now after rewatching the first episode. Then I suppose that Saki has a bit of Rise Kujikawa in her, which only makes me enjoy this show even more! Thanks for increasing my enjoyment of Valvrave!

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