Talking Points: Shingeki no Kyojin – Episode 6

Talking Points: Shingeki no Kyojin - Episode 6

The sixth episode of Shingeki no Kyojin was not the filler I anticipated. Instead it was an introspective look into Mikasa’s life. Our black haired beauty was finally given some backstory that threatened to bring me to tears. But before I start crying, lets look at what some other people had to say about the show.

@Gigg44: Amazing Mikasa focused Episode of Attack on Titan. So that’s what happened to her. Can’t wait to see next weeks Episode #shingeki

Until this episode, Mikasa was an unexplained coincidence in Eren’s life. But that was okay. She was Eren’s guiding light. A goddess, if you will muse me, that would aid the hero in his quest for revenge. And what isn’t celestial about her? She’s beautiful, smart, and deadly. Her drill sergeants described her as a genius found once in a lifetime. In fact her perfection made her the perfect foil for Eren, a broken boy who lacked everything but determination, a facet seemingly absent from Mikasa. Learning about her past changed all this. Essentially the roles have been reversed this entire time. It was Eren who was the beacon of hope for Mikasa this entire time.He was the key to her survival. It explains why she’s so fixated on perserving Eren’s life. Mikasa feels indebted to him and his family.

Mikasa's Father

The flashback to Mikasa’s past also served as an important piece of world building. So far we’ve only learned about the city between the walls in the context of the Titans. But what of the times of peace? Humanity’s last domain was still a brutal place to live. Through Mikasa’s memories we see how death was common place. Even young boys had the instruments to kill at their disposal. It’s exactly as Armin muses in the opening moments of this episode, this world has always been cruel.

@rabbitpoets: Pit in my stomach from the latest #shingekinokyojin

I tried to avoid talking about Eren’s death last week. The episode wouldn’t have had much of an impact if you knew before hand. That moment was so grippingly terrifying that I had to watch it over again to really let it sink in. Did Shingeki no Kyojin really kill off its main character? Sure he might have been annoying to begin with, but what little boy isn’t. As he grew, he sharpened his anger into a cold blade. He became a man of action. I believed that his resolve granted him the invincibility granted to most shounen heroes, but I was gravely mistaken. As quickly as he wove his way into the hearts of many viewers, he was snatched by a Titan and swallowed down its throat.

A Friendship is Born

But this episode magnified the tragedy of Eren’s loss. Mikasa, who had been relevantly silent up until this point, was near and dear to many viewers including me. She was a silent guardian, whose motherly qualities was a source of hope for our hero and the audience in a grim world and an unforgiving plot. Mikasa continually reiterated to Eren that he needed to survive. Before diving into her past, I believed that this was borne from Eren’s mothers last words. But her reasons were a bit more selfish than that. Eren was more than a function of her identity, but her entire reason to live. In a way, the passing of Eren is also the death of Mikasa.

Let us see how she is reborn.

That’s it for this week! How are you feeling about the sixth episode? Do you agree or disagree with the points made? Until next week!

4 thoughts on “Talking Points: Shingeki no Kyojin – Episode 6

  1. I was happy to see Mikasa getting some much-needed proper screen time in this episode. To me, she’s by far the most interesting character in the series, and I’m curious to see how she’ll be developed further in later episodes. So far it’s been inferred that her entire life revolves around Eren, but I’d very much enjoy being able to see what her character is like on her own terms, when everything about her is not completely defined by Eren’s presence.

  2. This was a very good episode. But damn, I have no ides, where this anime is heading! I’ve seen main character die only once, and that was almost at the end of the show, but heck! There are 20 more episodes to go, plus another couple season’s worth of manga, so, what the hell?? From now on, I think, it’ll be either and epic win, or an epic failure.
    My hands are itching to read the manga, but I’m trying my best to keep myself away.

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