Talking Points: Devil Survivor 2 – Episode 7

Talking Points: Devil Survivor 2 - Episode 7

There was absolute zero demons killed in this week’s episode of Devil Survivor 2. Our heroes just need some time before they face Megrez, the fourth Septentriones. Let’s take a look at what some people think about the show.

@HybridMBL: So everyone’s working together now all of a sudden? #DeSu2

I think it’s important to remember that in the face of adversity humans are surprisingly cooperative. Plus, take note of one of the requirements of the demon summoning application: the will to survive. It has been made exceptionally clear from the last encounter with the Septentriones that in-fighting amongst mankind will just put it at risk. Logically, working together makes the most sense. I’d be angry at the cast if they couldn’t put their own lives over their prejudices.

Daichi and Hibiki

I’m just glad the tension hasn’t completely been washed away though. There is still some friction between Yamato and Ronaldo’s factions, which the script mentions throughout the course of the episode. It sets up the foundation for fantastic climax after the humanity has been saved from the demons. A battle of ideals makes for more engaging television that the archetypical struggle between good and evil. I’m a bit worried that with a fistful of episodes left, the series won’t be able to do justice to this ‘true’ final battle.

@StrawhatYoshi: This episode. There weren’t any new major fights or anything but it was the best one yet. #DeSu2

Action shows that want to bring some substance to the table need to recognize when to take a step back from the mortal combat. Then it can focus on the characters, develop subplots, and set the stage for an epic battle. This week’s episode of Devil Survivor ticked off all of these boxes.

What I liked the most was that Devil Survivor took a breather from the heavy narrative to lighten things up with a bit of comedic relief. In the videogame, the health checkup sequence was one of my favorites. It proved that even in the face of the apocalypse, teenage boys will be teenage boys. Nothing can quell their fascination for the female body.

Iori Blushing

Personally, I hated the fact the show is setting a romantic angle between Iori and Hibiki. The two just don’t have any chemistry together. Both of their personalities are static and flat that hardly create any friction when they come in contact. Even though, I love a bit of high school love, I think it should be avoided when two characters aren’t even compatible enough to write a mildly compelling fan fiction around.

@ComeOnBunny:Oh hey, they used the opening theme from the game as background music in this episode. #desu2

I’m glad that the producers decided to tip their hat to fans of the game. But I am not satisfied. I wish more of the actual source material was used in the series as a whole. I’ve reiterated my plea in a few of my articles… but this is the last time. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Talking Points: Devil Survivor 2 – Episode 7

  1. Hello, wasn’t expecting the mention from another anime blog!

    I clarified my thoughts later in a forum after I finished watching the last ep that it wasn’t that they all started working together I found odd but the way the show arrived to it felt a little anticlimactic. The previous episode was left on a tense cliffhanger between Alcor/Hibiki/Yamato then the next week they all just re acknowledge the Septentrions are the bigger threat. Didn’t turn out the way I was expecting but not that big of a deal

    • I can see where you’re coming from, but I think the narrative shortcuts are from time restrictions. I feel like it’s become endemic to anime, where large budgets force studios to be comfortably only green light a single cour. Most producers and writers are going into a project knowing they’ll only have twelve to fourteen episode to produce a cohesive story, where they would rather have twenty four to twenty six episodes.

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