Hype Machine: Shingeki no Kyojin – Episode 7

Hype Machine: Shingeki no Kyojin - Episode 7

Shingeki no Kyojin seems to have it all: the drama, the action, and the characters. The show thrives on this holy trinity of an entertaining narrative. Let us see what the Twitterverse has to say about the show.

@assortex: #shingeki Hey, does that Titan look like Eren or it’s just me?

Time for a bit of speculation. Could that Titan be Eren? We don’t know much about the mythos behind Shingeki no Kyojin so he could very well be. It’d be interesting to see if the explanation will be scientific or magical. The reveal will set the tone for the series going forward, and how we see plot twists resolved.

@InvertMouse: You know it’s a really serious situation when Sasha’s not eating (>-<). #shingeki

Shingeki no Kyojin does an exceptional job in developing its supporting cast in subtle ways like this. Connie and Jean are good examples. We can see how their thought processes have changed in the face of crisis. Connie, who has been painted to be an emotional fighter shows exceptional foresight when he thinks of a plan to take back headquarters and helping Armin recover Mikasa. Jean is finally dealing with becoming a leader and realizing that his selfishness should be discarded on the field of battle.

@dancu: Mikasa is all like, you are all losers. So, i do whatever i want!! #shingeki

This is an important step for Mikasa. For the second grave loss in her life she has to deal with grief by herself. Even though she has regained her resolve, I think the loss of Eren will still play an important part in her psychological growth.

@NguyenElton: OH MY GOODNESS! The music, the action, THE GORE! All this emotion! #shingeki is too perfect

I would like to say that there aren’t any varying degrees of perfect.

@izhartelier: this episode would be more shocking if there were no spoilers #shingeki

That’s one of the innate problems with the Twitterverse. There are always spoilers abound. Nothing you can do about it.

@DokiDokiNyaa: Protip: It’s not Eren. He’s [spoiler]dead[/spoiler]. #shingeki

I don’t believe you! Let me have him please! Don’t take him away from me!

Mikasa is getting the screen time she deserves. As viewers we don’t feel slighted that Eren has moved off stage. She was the prototypical blank slate as the series started. We’re finally seeing all the gears fall into place getting a better grasp of how she ticks. I just hope the series continues to explore her grief, as the loss of a loved one can’t be resolved in a single outing.

I want the side characters to continue to be interesting. They don’t feel like bodies to be thrown to the Titans as food. I just hope enough survive to get substantial character arcs. Jean is a true standout. While there’s a lot to dislike about him from previous weeks, his plight is the most identifiable. He’s in a position to save people but should he do so at the cost of his own life? Should he be expected to in a world where everyone is fighting to survive? These are questions that we may or may not get answers to considering the life expectancy of the cast up to this point.

P.S: The death of Sasha Blouse will be the saddest day on the Internet.

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