Kakumeiki Valvrave Weekly Update – Episode 6

Wife Material ThereWell, things have certainly changed for Kakumeiki Valvrave this week.

Cheer Him On

Kakumeiki Valvrave was all about Saki this week, which is appropriate given that she became the new pilot of the green Valvrave, named Carmilla. However, more than that, she forfeits her humanity, although, due to her actions and words later in the story, it is doubtful, at least for me. She states that she wants nothing more than to be famous and to carve her existence into history, and along with a complete turn in personality, it can easily be perceived as Saki going insane. However, I feel that just isn’t the case, and it really redeemed Valvrave for me this week, and validated my viewing of it.

RevelationIn this episode, Saki explicitly announces to Haruto that she is lusting after fame, and that through the piloting of Carmilla, she can reach a wider audience and expand on her already significant popularity. My first reaction to her words was that Saki was strangely a more appropriate choice to pilot the Valvrave than Haruto because of the fact that she seemingly has less humanity to sign away. As I thought about the actions she was taking, the fact that she was actually the most human character in the show became readily apparent. She perfectly embodies mankind’s desires and fears of being forgotten. By becoming the pilot of the Carmilla, she removes the normal inhibitions that restrain most people, allowing us the glimpse of true human nature, at least in Hobbsian terms.

Overall, I think that the hidden complexity of Saki really added a layer to this episode that can be expanded on next week and beyond, making this a successful installment.

FearThis episode was a bit mercurial, so let’s just skip ahead.

Well, it’s entirely possible that I might just be thinking too deeply about Saki’s personality change, and she really is insane. In which case, Valvrave’s inconsistency with characterization is a serious problem, especially when concerning a character as key as Saki. Still, if this turns out to be the case, at least that means that Saki is honest with her motivations.

Saki Piloting

Hopefully, I’m not overestimating Valvrave’s writing, because I think that there really is something special about the way that Saki was developed as the quintessential human when all normal restraints are removed. Here’s hoping that Valvrave doesn’t waste the characters and conflicts that it has been building up for the last few episodes.

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