Talking Points: Red Data Girl – Episode 8

Talking Points: Red Data Girl - Episode 8

If there’s one thing that’s easy to appreciate about Red Data Girl, it’s the romance. Izumiko and Miyuki have great chemistry with one another. I can’t help but smile seeing them have their small arguments before silently accepting they’ve learned a bit more about one another. The final scene in this outing in particular shows how much closer the two have grown, when Miyuki teases Izumiko about her taste in men. I could gush on about how adorable the two are together, but instead lets take a look at some Tweets.

@ryuusei86: I think “Red Data Girl” is going to end before I figure out what’s going on. But then again, I’m kind of dense about things like that. 🙂

Episode 8 was an interesting beast. It doesn’t have anything to do with the overarching plot, at least as far as I can discern. To me it felt like it was more of a device to develop the relationships between members of the Souda clan, and more importantly, give some context to the dangers of the spiritual realm.

The Orochi Rears Its Head

Up until this point we have only met two dieties, Wamiya and the Himegami, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. The world hidden underneath the real one is massive, housing countless gods whose dreams can affect reality itself. The group’s encounter with the Orochi, gives a bit of scope to what they might face in the future.

These gods are cruel. They are willing to use any means to get what they want. The Orochi was willing to sacrifice a human life and destroy a family for the sake of its freedom by manipulating the affections two siblings had for their brother. It’s scary to think what one of these beings could do with a more direct contact with the mortal plane (I’m referring to the Himegami). It’s as Yukariko says, the true challenge still awaits Izumiko and Miyuki.

@luneru: this isn’t even red data girl anymore without the red glasses gosh

I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly is the significance of the term ‘Red Data Girl’. It always seemed a bit odd to me. As the opening splash of every episode states, the phrase is rooted in the Red Data Book, a document that contains a list of endangered species. The ones closest to dying out are found on red pages. What I couldn’t understand is how the death of a single “Red Data Girl” be the equivalent of extinction.

Izumiko's Dance Robe

The show often makes connections of the cycle of life of death to spiritualism. For example Yukimasa explains to Izumiko at one pont that the existence of the human race relies upon its spiritual heritage. Considering that the Red Data Girls are beings of unprecedented mystic importance, their passing could very well threaten an entire species being wiped out if the connection between the two realms is really that deep. This all sounds a bit outrageous, even in my head, so I do hope the series gives a bit more insight into what this term could actually mean.

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