Talking Points: Devil Survivor 2 – Episode 8

Talking Points: Devil Survivor 2 - Episode 8

To me Devil Survivor 2 excels when it’s focusing on the drama. Its source material was so rich with character that during these moment, flashes of the original’s genius can be seen. Overall, the show just feels a bit weaker when it’s chock full of action. Trust me, this cast of characters is interesting, but they’re just not getting the time to tell their stories. Instead we’re treated to brief flashbacks that don’t have any sort of narrative groundwork behind them to make them feel substantial. When we learn abotu Airi’s past as a musician and her relationship with her father, it doesn’t seem important. Even more dissapointing is the fact that as a viewer, I find Airi to be a likable character. A half ass attempt to deepen her personality just feels like a desperate attempt to give a tragic angle to someone who I’m fine with being comedic relief. Well instead of complaining any more, let’s look at some tweets!

Airi Playing the Piano

@Nooferdog: I love how they interpret the attacks of these demons in anime form. Sarasvati wields the GUITAR OF DEATH #DeSu2

Actually Sarasvati wields a vina. While we’re on the topic, I’d like to discuss how Otome’s demon furthers the strong symbology used in Devil Survivor 2. Sarasvati is the goddess of knowledge, thus the overseer of the sciences as well, which makes her appropriate for a doctor. Sarasvati is also hailed as one of the three mother goddesses in the Hindu pantheon. We find out in the previous episode that Otome is a mother herself. It’s interesting to note that she has adopted her child. Hindus do not believe they are the direct progeny of Sarasvati herself, but still consider her as a parental figure. Could most of this be coincidence? Yes. But sometimes it’s fun to consider a show is smarter than it’s letting off to be.


@StrawhatYoshi: Wait, Yamato controls Tyrant Baal?!? I wonder if he has Laharl or Etna too. #DeSu2

While it would be wonderful to consider a Devil Survivor 2 crossover with Disgaea, I don’t think we should get our hopes up. Baal just fits in with the motif that connects all of Yamato’s demons together, being that they have some connection to mythological hells or underworlds. Cerberus, is the gatekeeper of Hades, where the Greeks believed the souls of the dead were collected. Baal, is the ruler of the eastern part of Hell. His name is also used to classify high ranking demons in Christian mythology.

Yamato's Power

Fun Fact: In the videogame, pursuing a friendship with Yamato not only lets you unlock Baal, but a demon named Mithra. Mithra is a very important deity in Zoroastrian mythology known as both the eraser of demons and a god of honesty and friendship. Could this be a bit of foreshadowing for a possible personality change for the leader of JPs?

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