Two Sides of the Same Coin: Red Data Girl – Episode 9

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Red Data Girl - Episode 9

Izumiko has two sides to her, whether she likes it or not. One side is the shy high schooler thats learning to make friends. The other is a destructive goddess from another era. For Miyuki, a boy unsure of his feelings for the girl in his life, he can’t reconcile these two halves. The Himegami and Izumiko are two different people, the former that he wants to avoid, and the latter he wants to protect.

What’s funny is that this situation isn’t so alien to me. While the situation in the show is clearly fictional, its a good metaphor for some of the problems I faced when tackling young love. I was fifteen and stupid, and any girl that would show me a smile was instantly my wife to be 10 years down the line. But one smile in particular caught my attention.

Laila, was in 9th grade, and a year younger than me, but she had a charisma that could swallow a room. The world seemed to revolve around her, and she thrived in the spot light. Honestly you couldn’t help but stare at how elegant she was in its glare. One day I decided to take a break from my ogling and gather my balls together and ask her out. I wasn’t holding out for any answer in particular, but if I never tried I wouldn’t get anywhere right?

She said yes. I was ecstatic that I’d be going on a date with the kind and lovely Laila. It was a dream come true! Our first date went perfect. We had a quick dinner at a pizza parlor before going to a movie. I’m not sure what was in theaters at the time… Might have been The Matrix. After driving her home, I asked her if she’d like to go somewhere next week. She leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek before nodding her head and slipping out of the car. Her demure smile danced on the back of the sheep I was counting to try and fall asleep that night.

The next week rolled along, and this time I decided to take her to a formal dinner. We ordered our food. Fifteen minutes tumbled by before our food came to the table. It didn’t seem like a long time to wait for a nice meal, but Laila had a differing opinion. She unleashed the fury of a thousand scorned gods on that poor waiter. He shook so much I thought his vest was about to skitter off in fear. We got a free desert out of it which still elected smug looks from my date.

The third and fourth dates would roll by, and each time I witnessed a shouting exhibition like none other. I felt bad for the poor souls that were caught in the maelstrom of her fury. Was this the same girl from school? The sad answer to that question was yes. If I was going to be with her, I had to accept both halves, the angel and the devil, the good and the bad.

I didn’t exactly have the courage to. I began to avoid her like the plague after our fourth outing. She scared the living crap out of me to say the least. Miyuki is in the same boat as I was, having to accept a certain aspect of someone if they want to be with them. While his situation might be a bit more extreme than mine, his problem is comparable at least. There is some aspect of the person he’s fond of that he dislikes. It’s the part of Izumiko that alienates her from him, much like Laila’s anger did to me. Time will tell if he can live with Izumiko’s transformations, or be frightened away by them. Hopefully he’s a braver man than me.

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