Hype Machine: Shingeki no Kyojin – Episode 9

Hype Machine: Shingeki no Kyojin - Episode 9

Is Eren a human? Or is he a Titan? There really doesn’t seem to be any answer. Maybe he is both! Oh what a lovely logical compromise that would be. If Eren thought he had the odds stacked against him before, he has to now face the wrath of those he is trying to protect. What will become of our fantastic trio of heroes? Only time will tell! Until then let’s see what the Twitterverse has to say!

@Ilinox: omfg Eren… I haven’t said this enough. THE ULTIMATE BADASS OF BADASSES #shingeki

Eren is truly a badass. He not only survived the stomach of a Titan, he took a cannon in face for his friends. I wonder if Chuck Norris would do the same.

@SashaBlaus: everyone needs to have a #shingeki icon uwu

I don’t take anything from Sasha Blaus’ Twitter seriously. Though if she wants to make me a Twitter icon, I would be more than happy to accept.

‏@MiroLaaksonen: I have a feeling that Levi and Eren will get along quite well 😛 #Shingeki

I think Levi is a fantastically balanced character. As much as he hates the Titans, he has compassion for his fellow humans. At first blush, he seems like the type that would be cold toward the weak because he’s so strong himself. But in fact he’s the exact opposite. He believes his strength is an onus of responsibility to those around him. Looks like he’ll be a fantastic leader and a man that has much to teach to both the young Mikasa and Eren. Maybe Armin could glean a thing or two from him.

‏@ryjonka: IDKY I hate Bertholt so much. Get the hell out of here. #shingeki

It’s Bertholt’s voice! I mean he gets all whiny when he’s either nervous or being a dick. He also yells treason for no apparent reason. Who died and made him king. From a narrative perspective he’s important though. He’s a personification of humanity’s fear. His actions, while selfish, represent the anguish everyone feels in the face of the Titans. He’s usually powerless but will take an easy victory to allieve some of his terror.

@ErosThanatus: Another excellent episode! They always know how to end them, too. Need mooore. #shingeki

Seeing the flesh melted off Eren’s Titan face isn’t really that pleasing. I don’t need more of that, thank you very much.


What the hell is this person laughing at? Hmm… must have a terribly sick sense of humor.

Oh my the mystery of Eren’s key finally comes to the forefront. What exactly is locked in that basement? Could it save humanity? What I find Shingeki no Kyojin is exceptionally good at doing is hitting you with a barrage of different emotions that compel you as a viewer to watch the show. Some weeks it might be the sadness of melodrama, others it might be the thrill of action, this week it was the intrigue of mystery. This eclectic mix of genres have been seamlessly blended together over the course of this series.

I’m glad that this show has another cour to go. It’s been an exciting and fun run even though the gore has been a bit too much sometime. But hey not everything can perfectly fit your tastes right?

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