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Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko Weekly Update – Episode 8

hentai ouji to warawanai neko 8 - 24

After a great episode last week, Henneko takes a step back as it introduces a new character alongside the troubles she brings to our main casts.

A super cute, pink haired girl named Emanuella Pollarola enters the casts and brings with her a small version of the cat statue. Last week, I assumed that she’s the new version of Azuki Azusa since she wished to change herself. But I was proven wrong. Anyway, the very first time I saw her I already felt like she’d only bring trouble to the beautiful start of Youto and Tsukiko’s “closer” relationship.  Tsukiko feels the same way towards her as she becomes a new rival towards Youto’s muffled attention.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko 8 - 12

I would love to study in here

She’s been able to wish for anything at her own convenience from cat statue. The first was to establish her existence as Ponta’s little sister. The second one made Youto a cool prince in the eyes of the whole student body. The third was an Italian inspired school and to change the school’s uniform into swimsuits. It seems like she’s been longing for a “crazy fun” high school life for a long time and Youto’s definition of enjoyment perfectly suits her tastes.

Emi’s identity and motives are still a mystery for all of us. However, we are hinted that she’s somewhat related to Azuki’s wish because she immediately runs off the moment she sees her.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko 8 - 21

Speaking of Azuki’s wish, I wonder what really happened. She’s been stalking Youto a lot lately and makes the greatest effort to avoid him. Anyway, it seems like she’s the only one who’s not affected by Emi’s wishes.

The plot is becoming more confusing with all the wish-granting and it’s adding up to the mystery of the show. Trying to figure out who wished what or something like that.

Of course as a viewer, we have the advantage to know who the real culprit is. But let’s try to put ourselves in our characters’ shoes. Youto doesn’t remember Emi having the wish. Tsukiko blames Youto about the matter because he’s the one benefiting the most. Tsukushi somehow blames herself because she once wanted to go to Italy.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko 8 - 25

Let’s not forget Tsukiko’s emotionless “GRRR” and “Kyaaah”

Anyway , I’m quite confused by Youto and Tsukiko’s relationship. They’ve been flirting with one another. I don’t know but they’re like a couple but they aren’t. Unfortunately, Tsukiko doesn’t believe Youto this time. She doesn’t trust him about this whole Swimsuit Instrumentality Project.

Of all the people, Tsukiko’s the one I expected to believe in him but instead, it’s Tsukushi who helps Youto. Plus points to her! She is just so funny and I’m loving her more and more as the show goes on. I mean, she’s so stupid and I never get tired of her Youto’s Little Brother Thingy. All of her angst from the first episode is gone and replaced by a hell of a lot of cuteness. Oh, the vice captain deserves some mention as well. Her strong personality and unique vocabulary never ceases to amuse me. I believe that she deserves more screen time.

Henneko is just so adorable. The eye candy visuals are noteworthy, kudos to JC Staff, and the script is just so funny. Although the plot is becoming a little bit convoluted, I have faith that this show will handle things well. Until next week!

What are your opinions about this episode?

Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko Weekly Update – Episode 5

hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 01

This is probably the funniest episode of this show so far. I laughed so much and I think I died a couple of times because of the excessive cuteness. HNNNNNG~


hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 06

After discovering that his house is gone, Youto asks Tsukiko for help. Surprisingly, she comes even though she has been cold to him lately. Tsukiko doubts him at first so Youto tells her that he won’t lie to her just because he wants to see her. That causes the whole “worthless” scene, which is so funny. Being emotionless helps Tsukiko to be an effective form of comedic relief. We can tell that she’s pissed by what Youto said but her face and tone shows none of it.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 12

Tsukiko invites him to spend the night at her house. Youto takes the bath first and waits for a girl to walk into him. He hears Tsukiko and Tsukushi arguing outside the bath so he rushes to take a look. That’s when hilarity breaks out. The two see him naked and, because he lost his sense of shame, he keeps on swinging it in front of them (not intentional). That gains him a lot of beatings from Tsukushi while he is wrapped around a blanket.  That’s one of the funniest scenes in episodes and words don’t do it justice.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 15

Tsukushi falls asleep on top of Youto. He hears her talk in her sleep while her boobs are pressing on his back. I don’t know but Youto’s personality doesn’t change that much. Having his shame gone is like having his facade gone. I’m surprised that he didn’t make a move on her given that he’s a self-proclaimed pervert. Youto x Tsukushi will be awesome.

Meanwhile, Azuki Azusa is at Okinawa with the two girls who bullied her in her previous school. Youto sets them up so that they can relive what they lost before. Azuki is so cute in her swimsuit.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 19

Youto tries to call Azusa but he can’t reach her so he walks back to his room. He sees that the light from the bath is open so he checks it out. There he sees a naked Tsukiko. That’s the second time he sees her in her birthday suit. Lucky bastard! However, Tsukushi catches him and tries to beat him but before she can do it, Youto flees. While he’s trying to find a place to hide, he sees a storage room. There he finds all of his belongings and the large cat statue.


hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 08

Youto still sees Tsukiko as his little sister and he’s locking Azusa in the friend zone. I wonder when will he realize the feelings of those two. Right now, let’s go to the ugly.


hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 05

Though it is the funniest episode, it is also the corniest. There’s a lot of cringe worthy scenes, which prevents this episode from being perfect. The whole crying and talking while asleep is so cheesy. Apparently, Tsukushi doesn’t want Tsukiko to leave her behind like some people did (maybe their parents). I think they have or had a brother, because of the jacket. Though I find her sentimental side cute, I think it’s quite a weird way to develop her as a character.

Also, the Azuki Azusa scenes are quite distracting to the flow of this episode. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. I can feel the uncomfortable atmosphere that must be there. Really? She’s left together with the two girls who bullied her and she’s COOL with it? Yeah, the whole Hokkaido issue was just a misunderstanding and Azusa has already forgiven them but their interactions with each other feel forced.

hentai ouji to warawanai neko - 21

All in all, it’s a good episode. It’s fanservice’y in my opinion and that’s all we need, right? There’s a mystery regarding what happened to Youto’s house and why are his belongings and the cat statue in Tsukiko’s residence. Maybe he accidentally wished for them to be siblings and the cat statue transferred his house so that they can be together. Anyway, let’s look forward on what will happen next week.

What can you say about this episode?